Noah Gragson via Skewcar YouTube

You’d think driver Noah Gragson had committed a crime against humanity with the way that he has been treated by NASCAR, the Legacy Motor Club, and the media the past several days. Because of the thought-crime he committed by merely liking a politically incorrect meme on social media, his career might be ending more abruptly than anyone anticipated.

Noah Gragson via Skewcar YouTube

After he was suspended by NASCAR and the Legacy Motor Club over the weekend when news broke of him having liked a meme of repeat criminal turned civil rights martyr George Floyd, the search for a replacement driver to take his place began almost immediately.

As of today, former two-time 24 Hours Of Le Mans winner, Mike Rockenfeller, will be taking Gragson’s place for the next two races. This only solves Legacy’s immediate problems, leaving them to decide what to do with Gragson as his career seems to be hanging in the court of public opinion.

Sure, you can wear the branding for a violent organization which spent a year burning down the country, but how can they forgive a driver who did nothing more than laugh at a socially unacceptable meme? Tough times ahead for sure.

Mike Rockenfeller via Automobilist YouTube

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Gragson hasn’t helped himself, since as soon as the internet torches were lit and the woke mobs began to keyboard-march towards him, he issued an apology to try and save himself. He forgot the first rule of fighting Cancel Culture however; you never back down to the mob, because they will accept nothing less than you being virtually removed from every aspect of polite society in ways not even Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World could have predicted.

For now, it has been brought to everyone’s attention that Gragson will also be undergoing brainwashing… I mean MK-Ultra… I mean “sensitivity training” according to Fox Sports, hoping that afterwords he might have a chance of driving on a track again and not being the safety operator at a podunk go-kart track in some undisclosed southern town.

While Gragson undergoes his NASCAR sanctioned struggle-session, this leaves his team wondering what alternatives lay before them should be not return.

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The organization is already set to transition from Chevrolets to Toyotas in 2024, and Gragsons name was already rumored to have been in the replacement pile as driver John Hunter Nemecheck was also rumored to be that replacement. For now, team co-owner Jimmie Johnson is happy enough to have Rockenfeller fill in, possibly grooming him to be the permanent replacement.

“Rockey and I were teammates and helped develop the G56 program,” said Johnson. “I couldn’t think of a better person to assist our club in this tough situation. These back-to-back road-course events will be great for Rocky from a technical side as they will bring out his expertise.

“Rocky is extremely knowledgeable and talented, and I know he will get us the best results possible.”

Let’s hope for Rockenfeller’s sake he’s never said anything remotely inappropriate online or in real life ever in his existence; we see how NASCAR handles those who aren’t 100% perfect human beings.

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