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MMA Fighter Gets ‘Seven Bucks’ Worth Of Luck As The Rock Lays The Payment Down On His House

The Most Electrifying Man in all of Sport and Entertainment‘ knows a good thing when he smells it cooking. That’s why the Rock decided to invest in a young man who sees a bright future in, UFC fighter Themba Gorimbo. The former WWE Champion purchased a home for the native of Zimbabwe when hearing about the young athlete’s pursuit of his dreams.

Themba Gorimbo Octagon Interview | UFC Vegas 73

Gorimbo’s story has been horrifying at times. He lost his parents at a young age and nearly lost his own life while illegally mining for diamonds in Zimbabwe. Eventually, the 32-year-old chased his dreams all the way to America. He has been living in Miami, where he was sleeping on a couch in the gym where he trained.

That all changed when The Great One went one-on-one with the upstart’s situation. Moved by Gorimbo’s fight for his dream, The Rock stepped in. And it was because the two have a lot in common: Seven bucks.

The Rock has famously stated over the years that he only had seven dollars in his pocket when he embarked on his professional wrestling career in the mid-1990s. He gambled the crumbs in his pocket on a chance for stardom. Within a few years, he had climbed to the top of the rankings in the ring and transitioned into being a champion of the silver screen. He took on Madison Square Garden and Hollywood at the same time… and ended up raising his hand (and eyebrow) in triumph.

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That’s why the star of major blockbusters reached out to the hungry hopeful. When Gorimbo mentioned in a recent interview that he ALSO only had seven bucks in his pocket? The Rock does what he does, and decided to make a huge difference in the young man’s life. Once he found out that Gorimbo was living in the gym where he also trained, the onscreen idol did what he thought a hero should do: He bought the kid a house.

Accommodations provided by Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson would obviously spare no expense. So, he made sure his new protege had all the right tools available to put him on a path to success. And with a ringing endorsement from such a big-name celebrity, Gorimbo has a much better leg up than he did before.

Showing the fighter around his new spread, The Rock cooly told him, “Check this out… you’re on the water, baby!”

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