NASCAR Driver Noah Gragson Officially Dumped By Legacy Motor Club For Liking George Floyd Meme

Noah Gragson via Skewcar YouTube

This has been a tough week for driver Noah Gragson, and word has just come out now that he has been officially released from his contract with the Legacy Motor Club, following his double suspension from both NASCAR and Legacy on Monday.

Noah Gragson and Sage Karam at Road America via NASCAR YouTube

Gragson initially sent a formal request to be released from his contract just two days after he “liked” a politically incorrect meme featuring BLM martyr George Floyd. This request to be let go comes as he also was set to begin corporate “sensitivity training” from NASCAR.

Legacy has since already announced that former Le Mans champion Mike Rockenfeller would be filling in for Gragson for the next two scheduled races.

Noah Gragson via NASCAR YouTube

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“I have asked LEGACY MOTOR CLUB to release me from my contract so that I can take time to work through the NASCAR reinstatement process,” Gragson’s statement read. “I love racing, and I am looking forward to a second chance to compete for wins at the highest level of NASCAR – and most importantly, make my family, my team and the fans proud of me once again.”

If that doesn’t sound like something you’d hear out of an ISIS-style hostage video, I don’t know what is.

“Noah has a ton of talent and has a great personality,” said Legacy Motor Club CEO Cal Wells III in a following statement after Gragson’s formal release. “This is a difficult situation, but we are proud that Noah has taken ownership of his actions and are confident he will work through this process with NASCAR and come back stronger.”

Noah Gragson via Skewcar YouTube

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Since Monday, NASCAR fans supportive of Gragson’s free speech rights, and generally everyone who doesn’t think you should be fired for “liking” a meme on social media, began to threaten to boycott NASCAR ‘Bud Light’ style in a stance of solidarity with the driver.

Once again, it goes to show that Gragson fell to the mob, demanded the mob’s forgiveness, and still loses everything in the process. I personally wish him luck undergoing his woke struggle session so he can accept the forgiveness of polite society and political correctness into his heart. If he wants to win some karma points upon his (unlikely) return to the track, he should fake a hate crime and put “Black Lives Matter” across his jumpsuit’s chest.

It worked for Bubba Wallace, and he didn’t even apologize.

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