Photo by Fauzan Saari, free to use under the Unsplash license.

The World Cup is a global stage where legends are made, and soccer is celebrated. It’s where the most exceptional goals have been scored, some of which have been forever etched in our memories. Here are ten of the greatest goals that have graced the World Cup.

Photo by Fauzan Saari, free to use under the Unsplash license.

Diego Maradona, Argentina vs. England (1986)

Maradona’s second goal against England in the 1986 quarter-finals is widely considered one of the greatest goals in World Cup history. After receiving the ball in his own half, Maradona weaved his way past five English players to score the ‘Goal of the Century’.

Dennis Bergkamp, Netherlands vs. Argentina (1998)

Bergkamp’s magical touch and finish in the last minute of the 1998 quarter-final against Argentina is nothing short of footballing brilliance.

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Carlos Alberto, Brazil vs. Italy (1970)

Alberto finished off a team move involving almost every Brazilian player on the pitch, defining the attacking style of Brazil in the process.

James Rodriguez, Colombia vs. Uruguay (2014)

James’ chest control and stunning volley from outside the box into the top corner was the standout moment of the 2014 World Cup.

Pele, Brazil vs. Sweden (1958)

Pele’s audacious flick and volley at just 17 years of age in the 1958 final is one of the most iconic moments in football history.

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Esteban Cambiasso, Argentina vs. Serbia & Montenegro (2006)

This 24-pass team goal, finished by Cambiasso, showcased Argentina’s exceptional team play.

Gheorghe Hagi, Romania vs. Colombia (1994)

Hagi’s incredible long-range shot from near the left touchline is one of the greatest goals of USA ’94.

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Saeed Al-Owairan, Saudi Arabia vs. Belgium (1994)

Al-Owairan ran almost the length of the pitch, beating five Belgian players to score a memorable solo goal.

Michael Owen, England vs. Argentina (1998)

At just 18 years of age, Owen announced himself on the world stage with a superb solo run and finish.

Maxi Rodriguez, Argentina vs. Mexico (2006)

Rodriguez’s chest control and incredible volley in extra time sent Argentina through to the quarter-finals.

Each of these goals has left an indelible mark on the World Cup’s storied history, embodying the creativity, skill, and audacity that make football the beautiful game.

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