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Nothing spells diversity, equity, and inclusion like blatant racism. NASCAR has decided to double down on their commitment to wokeness by offering a full-time, paid “diversity internship” which specifically excludes white people. Yup, they’re so woke they’re literally excluding people based on race now.

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The above screenshot is from NASCAR’s official career page for the diversity internship. As you can see in the “Program Requirements” section, the first bullet states:

“Be a member of one or more of the following races/ethnic minority classifications. Black or African American, American Indian or Alaska Native, Asian, Latino or Hispanic, Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander.”

Who is missing from this equation? Frankly, I’m just surprised they didn’t call Latinos “Latinx.” If you think this is messed up, you probably won’t be surprised to learn that this exclusionary, racist criteria is also completely illegal (Probably, I’m not a lawyer).

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In an interview with The Daily Wire discussing NASCAR’s exclusionary practice, Prof. David Bernstein from George Mason University’s Antonin Scalia School of Law confirmed however that what NASCAR did was “blatantly illegal” and that it appears “to violate Title VII and the 1866 Civil Rights Act.”

Bernstein added, “Having a 100% quota for minorities for a position is illegal even under a very generous view of what is allowed.” What this also means is that any potential applicant who wanted to apply but couldn’t based on the grounds of race alone would be well within their rights to sue on the grounds of equal employment.

David Bernstein VIA Public Law & Policy Program @ Berkeley Law YouTube, screenshot

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NASCAR’s “Drive for Diversity” initiative includes programs such as the “Pit Crew Development Program” and the “Driver Development Program,” aimed at mentoring and training minority and female candidates. Applicants must belong to specific ethnic minority classifications or be female – whatever that means – to be eligible. Yet, NASCAR’s job listings assert they are an equal opportunity employer.

Recently, NASCAR has faced backlash for various decisions, including suspending a driver for a social media action related to George Floyd’s death. There’s a growing trend of companies implementing race-based criteria for career opportunities, with tech giant Oracle also introducing such programs.

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