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Newswoman Megyn Kelly unloaded on soccer star Megan Rapinoe, who has spent the last few years criticizing the United States and pushing radical racial and pro-LGBTQ+ causes, for ‘poisoning’ the reputation and quality of the US women’s national team.

Megyn Kelly

Megyn Kelly via Megyn Kelly YouTube

The women’s team barely advanced to the upcoming round after their 0-0 draw with Portugal, after they went and made a spectacle of themselves when a majority of the players did not participate in the national anthem prior to the match starting, instead looking as if they’d rather be doing anything else.

Because of this continued ambivalent and disrespectful behavior exhibited by these players in addition to their embarrassing performance on the field, Kelly has zeroed in Rapinoe as being the source for all the embarrassing behavior we have gotten out of the ladies.

“Megan Rapinoe, she’s the leader of all this… She’s not a starter,” said Kelly on the most recent episode of the Megyn Kelly Show. “So that’s why she’s not on camera when they’re doing the national anthem, but she’s behind a lot of this.”

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“She’s poisoned the entire team against the country for which they play. I don’t know about you, but I’m not rooting for them. I’m not with them. I hope they lose… It’s shameful. These girls are shameful. They out to be ashamed of themselves.”

Rapinoe, who didn’t start but entered the Portugal match in the 61st minute, has been a prominent figure in ultra-progressive social activism and joined in with former San Francisco 49er’s QB Colin Kaepernick in his national anthem protests in 2016. In recent games against Vietnam and the Netherlands, only three American players—Alex Morgan, Julie Ertz, and Lindsey Horan—were observed singing the national anthem.

“They won’t put their hands on their hearts,” Kelly continued. “They don’t feel prideful when they’re out there even though they’re representing the United States of America. Yes, we’ve got some flaws. Yes, there have been some warts, but we’re so much more good than we are bad.

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“I mean, they look like they don’t even want to be there. It’s like some sort of inconvenience to be representing the USA.”

Despite a less than stellar performance, the US women’s national team remained in high spirits after the game. They narrowly avoided elimination when Portugal’s Ana Capeta missed a potential game-winning shot in stoppage time.

“These morons on the women’s soccer team continue to embarrass us on the national state,” Kelly added.

“They got to a 0-0 tie with Portugal. They’ve only scored four goals in three games. It’s the first time ever, that the women’s team does not have at least two win at this stage of the competition. And yet they’re celebrating out there like they’ve just won the whole thing.”

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