Behind-The-Scenes Lionesses' Nike Kit Photoshoot via England YouTube, screenshot

While the English Women’s World Cup team is obviously already down about losing to Spain in the final match, their own nation’s Sky News has felt the need to rub some unnecessary dirt into their fresh wound by engaging in casual anti-white racism. You see, there are just too many “blonde, blue-eyed” players – again, this is England, home of the Anglo-Saxons – for these woke newspeople’s delicate sensibilities.

Behind-The-Scenes Lionesses’ Nike Kit Photoshoot via England YouTube, screenshot

Following the team’s loss to Spain, a panel discussion broadcasted through Sky News featured a Jaimaican-born farmer, Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones, who apparently was incredibly offended by the cover story in the Daily Mirror that day featuring the English Women’s team.

“I don’t want to pour boiling water on it but it isn’t very representative of the Britain that we’re in and very, very diverse,” said Emmanuel-Jones.

“It really sticks out at you,” he continued. “They look blonde and blue-eyed. If it was the men’s World Cup it would be very representative of the Britain that we’re in and very, very diverse.”

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Can we address how weird this is? Imagine someone, a white person, looking at the Jamaican or Nigerian team, saying “There’s so little diversity from the Jamaican team, too many dark skinned women with brown eyes.” 

Such a person would be run completely out of society within the day.

Emmanuel-Jones continued, “What jumps out at you is that this doesn’t represent diverse Britain. It’s all these blonde blue-eyed girls — and I wish them well — but I do think we need to ask ourselves questions about why it is that there is a lack of diversity.”

No, normal people aren’t obsessing over this.

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“If you could have the men’s team which is very, very diverse, why doesn’t that translate to the women’s team?” He added.

Well, normal people would know that during tryouts and selection, only the best players are chosen based on the merit of their character, something disappearing from the western world daily, especially England.

It was recently discovered that far-left Muslim Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, approved a new media handbook for his office which specifically stated that PR photos of white families are not representative of “real Londoners.”

Which is technically true, since London is now less than 37% white British, according to the government.

Emmanuel-Jones’ remarks were criticized by conservative commentator Chris Rose.

“It’s disappointing but predictable to see comments like this about the Women’s England team,” Rose posted to X, formerly known as Twitter. “Could it not be possible that the best have been chosen? Other countries have football teams with similar levels of diversity but aren’t [criticized] for it.”

Sadly, targeting mostly white teams for their inadvertent “lack of diversity” isn’t knew. Last year, Norway’s women’s team was attacked for being mostly white as well by BBC sports presenter Eilidh Barbour (Norway is 82% Norwegian, over 90% European). A contributor for the Washington Post during the Men’s World Cup also took jabs at Argentina’s team for the lack of black players.

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