Rose Namajunas vs Jessica Andrade 2 via UFC YouTube, screenshot

As a hobbyist grappler, I often complain about hand pain after a rigorous training session. After seeing Rose Namajunes’ hand after her fight last week though, I’m never going to complain again. That sh*t is outright disgusting, and since I’ve had to see it, it’s only fair you should too.

Rose Namajunes via UFC YouTube, screenshot

Namajunas’ manager Brian Butler of SuckerPunch Entertainment confirmed that during her flyweight fight on Saturday, she seriously injured her hand.

“Rose is in good spirits. Broke her right hand early in the first round and couldn’t fully execute because of it,” he posted to social media

Ariel Helwani from The MMA Hour shared a photo provided by Namajunas’ coach Pat Barry, revealing a more severe view of the injury.

Source: MMA Fighting on X

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If that doesn’t make any martial artists flinch at the mere sight of that Voldemort finger, I don’t know what will.

I showed this to my wife, who with her permission, is allowing me to share her raw reaction to this nightmare-fuel.

“What the f**k,” she said. Yes, what the f**k indeed.

Regardless of her injury though, Namajunas remained competitive in the match, even securing the third round on two judges’ scorecards. After losing her title to Carla Esparza at UFC 274 in May 2022, she considered moving to the 125 weight class but wanted to prioritize weightlifting and grappling first.

Following her debut loss in the flyweight category, it’s uncertain if she will stay in this class or return to strawweight to pursue the championship a third time. Namajunas has twice defeated the current champion, Zhang Weili.

What was your honest reaction upon seeing her hand? Let us know in the comments below and across social media.

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