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Whether they are celebrating a Super Bowl win or drowning their losses after a defeat, Green Bay Packers fans drink a LOT of beer before, during, and after a game. As a matter of fact, a recent report states that the team’s loyal followers savor more suds than any other team in the entire NFL, and by a pretty good margin, actually.

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A July study by PicksWise found that no other NFL team’s fans drink more beer than Packers fans. Whether they’re filling Lambeau Field or sitting on their couch, a survey of 3,000-plus adults found that the average Pack supporter downs 6.3 beers per game.

And it’s quite an investment for the masses. The average beer at Lambeau Field in 2022 costs $9.50. So, needless to say, the franchise has embraced the fact that the taps flow freely around the frozen tundra. Beer drinking has been virtually woven into the fabric of the green and yellow culture.

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Up or down, win or lose, at game time, Pack fans love their booze.

“True Packers fans still have feelings about (Brett) Favre’s exit, Aaron Rodgers’ love of meditative retreats, or their team’s postseason inconsistencies, making it easy to love a cold beer. Or six,” noted PicksWise.

This, mixed with all the cheese that’s consumed in Wisconsin, must make the smell in the men’s room at Lambeau Field rather pungent and perilous. Especially around the thrid quarter, or so.

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The Green Bay Packers (8-9 in 2022, 3rd in the NFC North)  will kick off the 2023 NFL season on Sept. 10, traveling to Chicago to face division rival, the Bears.

With longtime star Aaron Rodgers now shipped off to New York, it’s young QB Jordan Love’s team now. Depending on how he plays – good or bad? The rate of beer consumption could go up significantly in Packer Nation. So, keep an eye out for NEXT YEAR’S study.

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