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LSU gymnast Olivia Dunne may be the highest-paid female student-athlete in the nation with an annual value of $3.3 million, but she has come under fire recently for her use of Photoshop on her Instagram posts.

LSU gymnast Olivia Dunne | The Today Show – YouTube

A video posted by an Instagram user named John Dorsey displayed how Olivia Dunne allegedly edited every single Instagram photo to make herself look skinnier. According to Marca.com, “The video revealed that Livvy had cinched her waist to the point where there was no room left for her internal organs.”

Perhaps it was due to the pressure of satisfying her 4.3 million followers, but clear evidence proved that she had done some trick transformation to give herself a smaller shape. So while her fame has been financially rewarding, the scrutiny that goes along with it comes with a price tag, as well. The 20-year-old athlete appears to be writing that check now, thanks to the eagle eyes of the internet.

In response, Olivia Dunne deleted several photos after being called out, but she has been catching plenty of heat on social media apps aimed at those in her age range – like TikTok and Instagram. While it’s doubtful this will have a huge impact on her income, it’s certainly struck a blow to her image.

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Dorsey was particularly venomous in some of his criticism of Olivia Dunne, who he says is giving young girls unrealistic body expectations. He posted several images, and he provided commentary with the images that he says were PhotoShopped.

He claims that “In nearly every single photograph she squeezes her waist in from the back of the front.”

“You have millions of young women following you,” Dorsey said. “It’s kind of your duty to not do this. These young women will want to look like you and you can’t even look like you without Photoshop.”

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