Dillon Danis | SCREENSHOT: MMAFightingonSBN/YouTube

If Dillon Danis’ goal was to gain 15 minutes of fame? He hasn’t realized that his time is up yet, as the fighter who famously trolled Logan Paul and his girlfriend (only to get thoroughly beaten for it) is back for more. But now, he’s moved past Paul and says the next round of his chaotic career should take place in The Octagon; he wants to fight for UFC.

Dillon Danis covers up against Logan Paul | SCREENSHOT: DAZN Boxing/YouTube

Danis suffered a disqualification in the sixth round of his fight last weekend with Paul, which took place at a Prime Boxing event in Manchester, England. It was a bout that had more to do with internet intrigue than it did athletic achievement. In an ugly, sloppy fight, Dillon Danis appeared to know that he had no chance. Eventually, he resorted to MMA-style tactics with the YouTuber and WWE Superstar, which got him DQ’d and gave Paul the win.

The backdrop, or ‘sell’, of their BS battle was a battle for the honor of the lovely Ms. Nina Agdal – a Danish Sports Illustrated model who is engaged to Paul. In the build-up to the fight, Dillon Danis harrassed the fiancee in question, with lewd comments and racy photos. It got so bad that she filed a restraining order against him and Paul vowed vengeance.

The story opera finished as expected, with Sir Lancelot avenging his main squeeze, and the villain – Dillon Danis – looking foolish. This would normally be the point where he would go scurrying away, possibly to obscurity. But instead, Danis says he wants to play to test his skills with the world’s premier combat sports organization- the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

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Dillon Danis recently tweeted at Dana White that he’s “ready to fight.” That would seem to indicate he wants a UFC deal. Despite him sending out the feeler, he reportedly hasn’t heard anything from Dana White. And it’s doubtful he’s going to be picking up the phone anytime soon.

The UFC has attempted to stay away from ‘gimmick’ performers following the CM Punk experiment of 20014-2018. The former pro wrestler looked like an absolute joke in two losses inside The Octagon.

Danis has mixed-martial arts experience, and he has competed in Bellator. He is 2-0 in pro MMA fights. However, his last MMA fight was over four years ago, in June 2019.


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