Logan Paul vs. Dillon Danis | SCREENSHOT: DAZN Boxing/YouTube

In a bout that had more hype than heat, Logan Paul dominated Dillon Danis on Saturday during their six-round bout in Manchester. Danis was eventually disqualified in the sixth round when he went into his ‘MMA mode’, forsaking boxing rules and attempting to grapple with Paul.

Logan Paul celebrates while security fills the ring | SCREENSHOT: DAZN Boxing/YouTube

Their showdown was the co-main event on this weekend’s Prime Card, along with KSI vs Tommy Fury, but it wasn’t much of a contest.

Paul dominated the fight, winning all of the first five rounds. The YouTube sensation connected on 82 punches, while Danis landed just nine. Throughout the fight, the former MMA fighter seemed more content with just bothering Paul than actually boxing him. Danis threw non-traditional back fists and even laid down on the mat at times in jest. It was an odd form of mockery – considering he never showed flashes of actually defeating Paul at any point in the ‘contest’.

As the final seconds ticked, Danis attempted to put Logan Paul into a guillotine chokehold. Paul got out of it, and Paul threw a punch as Danis was on the mat. The referee could not fully separate them and was forced to DQ Danis for essentially trying to turn the boxing match into an MMA bout.

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From there, security from both fighter’s camps would hit the ring and a melee would take place from there. When all the dust was settled, however, it was Logan Paul who came out on top. It was not only a win in the ring, but a victory in the current WWE Superstar’s personal life, as well.

Leading up to the bout, Dillon Danis had been harassing Paul’s girlfriend, model Nina Agdal, by sending her strange and lewd messages on social media. It got to the point where she actually filed a restraining order against Danis, and Paul vowed that he would make his opponent pay for involving his relationship in the hype to their eventual clash. After he dusted off Danis, he commented on how he approached the bout. And he made sure to throw a little dig in on the way out.

“Dillon Danis truly is a coward,” Paul said following his win. “I forgave Dillon before this fight started. It was the only way to attack this fight without emotion… But he was calling himself a real fighter?”


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