Jake Paul riding on a tank coming into his fight with Nate Diaz via DAZN Boxing YouTube

UFC star Colby Covington isn’t putting money on a hypothetical matchup between himself and any of the YouTube-famous Paul brothers happening in reality anytime soon, but fans of combat sports should know that never actually doesn’t mean never ever.

Colby Covington via Turning Point USA YouTube

On a recent interview with Outkick’s Dan Dakich, Covington let it be known loud and clear he has no serious intention in participating in boxing or getting into an MMA ring with either Jake or Logan Paul, regardless of how many views or how much cash a fight between him and either brother could potentially bring.

His response came when Dakich posed the question to the MMA fighter.

“Jake and Logan Paul are all the rage, are we going to see you get in the ring with them?” Asked Dakich.

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“They’re all the rage but not for the right reasons,” responded Covington. “They’re not real fighters, they can’t win real fights against tough fighters. They’re little circus sideshows. They’re fighting in these unsanctioned fights and fighting against guys that aren’t relevant, guys that are 50 years old, guys that are 50lbs bigger than them.

“Why aren’t they fighting guys in their own weight class?” He added.

You’d think that alone would mean that Covington has zero interest, but it’s worth remembering that the fighters that Jake and Logan Paul have boxed aren’t exactly random cab drivers and punch-drunk boxers. Logan went toe-to-toe in an exhibition with Floyd Mayweather in 2021. Jake has defeated former UFC fighters and legends such as Ben Askrin, Tyrone Woodley, Anderson Silva, and Nate Diaz.

Logan Paul via Logan Paul YouTube

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So would he do it if someone put a contract and some cash on the table?

“Of course I’d fight them. It’d be an easy fight,” Covington continued. “They’re little Disney stars and I’d break them in half. If I dropped MAGA bombs on them with one punch they’d run away crying away to their mom and need a safe space… I don’t want to fight these little Disney Lizzy McGuire stars.”

It’s worth noting that even if a fight were to be arranged, Covington would have to be released from his contract with the UFC to even allow conversations to happen, unless UFC president Dana White managed to broker a deal similar to Conor McGregor’s boxing match against Floyd Mayweather years back.

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