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The Prime Card boxing event put on in Manchester, England over the weekend between Misfits Boxing and DAZN was, well, interesting to say the least. Was the quality and skill of boxing up and down the card up to par? Not really. Was it entertaining though? Depends on who you ask. As far as the headlining fight between social media influencer and entrepreneur KSI and professional boxer Tommy Fury goes, IBF female bantamweight champion Ebanie Bridges has voiced her opinion as to who the true winner was after controversy erupted online after Fury was announced the winner by majority points, with many prominent voices including promoter Eddie Hearn and fighter turned pundit Chris Eubank Jr. agreeing that KSI was ‘robbed’ of his victory.

Ebanie Bridges via Seconds Out YouTube, screenshot

Earlier in the evening, Logan Paul, KSI’s Prime partner, won against Dillon Danis who was disqualified for misconduct. Amid the debate about the KSI-Fury match’s outcome, Bridges weighed in on X, suggesting that regardless of the match result, both fighters significantly benefited financially.

“They’re bank accounts,” responded Bridges to the question. Hard to argue, especially since it’s easier to take a loss as KSI did when you know you can cry on a bed of money later.

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According to Marca.com:

In terms of earnings, KSI and Tommy Fury have had substantial paydays in their previous fights. KSI‘s past earnings have ranged from about $900,000 for his bout against Logan Paul to approximately $3 million in his fight against FaZe Temperrr. Tommy Fury, on the other hand, reportedly made around $4.5 million with a 35% PPV share in his fight against Jake Paul.

Speculation suggests that Tommy Fury could make $1.5 million in the KSI bout, but KSI‘s promoter, Mams Taylor, has denied these claims. The fight promises not only bragging rights but also significant financial rewards for both fighters, reflecting the continued growth of boxing in the social media era.

Pretty big chunk of change just to show up to a fight if you ask me.

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Bridges had made it clear that the quality of the boxing displayed in the squared circle throughout the night was far from impressive. She even remarked how Fury and KSI seemed more heated towards each other after the fight than they did during the six rounds they faced off against each other.

When asked by one fan on X whether she was annoyed to see how much these influencer boxers earned for “boxing” compared to her professional fights, she pointed out what these influencers were really getting paid to do.

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“No not at all,” she said. “It’s not real boxing… and they make that money [cause] of the graft they have done in their careers and [cause of] their fans.” Meaning it all has to do with online popularity and entertainment, and not because they’re actually serious athletes.

What do you think of Bridges’ thoughts on the whole event? Do you agree that KSI was robbed of a clean victory by Fury? Let us know in the comments below and across social media.

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