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There’s almost nothing that Lisa Guerrero hasn’t done during her journey through the world of entertainment. The longtime broadcaster and actress has tried her hand at just about every aspect of on-air work you can imagine, with a career that actually dates back to her teen years. Throughout her tenure in TV shows, movies, sportscasting, and now – entering her 17th season as a correspondent for Inside Edition – she’s been able to evolve and grow with each role, no matter how good or bad the situation. Through it all, Lisa Guerrero has proven herself to be a survivor, and that’s the story that she tells in her 2023 book, Warrior: My Path To Being Brave.

Lisa Guerrero, during an ‘Inside Edition’ segment | SCREENSHOT: Inside Edition/YouTube

Blessed with good looks and a ton of charisma, Lisa Guerrero was a natural for show business. She began acting in television commercials when she was just 15 years old. Before long, she was an established actress in Hollywood, finding even more success and appearing in multiple TV shows and motion pictures.

Guerrero made brief roles in the 1992 films, Love Potion No. 9 and Batman Returns. She also made guest appearances on popular programs like In the Heat of the Night, Seinfeld, Matlock, and Frasier. And of course, since 2006, she has been an investigative correspondent for Inside Edition, where she just kicked off her 17th season on the show. On top of all that, the alluring analyst also breaks down everything behind the scenes as the host of Secrets of Playboy on the A&E Network.

Her acting and reporting portfolio is certainly impressive. But for sports fans? Lisa Guerrero will always be the lady who wowed them on Fox Sports, and later, Monday Night Football. However, there’s a lot more to the longtime commentator and correspondent than just ‘eye candy.’ It’s one of the biggest reasons why she decided to pen Warrior; she felt like there was a lot more to her – and her story – than many people may have realized.

Lisa Guerrero during her time on ‘Best Damn Sports Show’ | SCREENSHOT: Lisa Guerrero/YouTube

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In this exclusive interview with Bounding Into Sports, the battle-tested broadcaster discussed her career and her memoir. She says that despite all her blessings, her time on TV wasn’t always as glamorous as it might have appeared.

Guerrero also explained that her book touches on a lot of topics she hadn’t really gone in-depth on before. In particular, she takes on the misogyny, verbal abuse, and sexism that she endured being a woman in what was always traditionally known as ‘a man’s profession.’ During it all, she continued to move forward.

“I think a big part of my journey has been the knowledge that as we get older, we evolve,” she stated. “We have different interests. We have different focuses in our lives. And throughout my life, I’ve always tried to be very sympathetic and emphatic… aware of other people. But also self-aare. And I’ve realized when it’s time to move on to a new chapter of a new challenge.”

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“so, I think that’s what’s really helped me have a 40-plus year career on camera.”

During the conversation, Lisa Guerrero talked about how she got her start, and who influenced her to chase her dreams.

“I started at 15, as a model and an actress, and was able to make the switch to sportscasting from acting. Although I’ve always kept my toe in acting – I’ve still done some roles throughout the years. But then, to make the move to reporting and then to being a correspondent. I just kept evolving and wanting to grow.”

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Lisa Guerrero not only credits her Dad as her support system but also the one who got her involved in acting as soon as she showed an interest. From there, she would go on to be an NFL cheerleader for a few seasons before returning to the screen. However, her taste for sports didn’t end there.

She says that in her book, she documents some of the pressures and cruelty she faced during her tenure with Fox Sports and her tumultuous one-year run on Monday Night Football. She says that she was harassed and mistreated by network executives, producers, and even fellow on-air talent. It went beyond the normal machismo and catcalls, and it affected her emotionally. That’s why she chose to write about her experiences.

“I faced a lot of criticism as soon as I took the job with Monday Night Football,” she stated. “Even before I grabbed the microphone, they were literally already writing stories about how I had no business being there and that I was just a cheerleader.”

“It was like, How did a woman get that job? One of the best jobs in sports? Like I couldn’t possibly fill that role. And that’s why I wrote my book.”

“What I had been experiencing was really traumatic. Then, I felt it was more important: post-Me Too, post-Time-Out, and when there’s a real discussion in sports about mental health. I thought ‘This is the time to publish my book.’ And talked about what really happened to me, so people could learn from my experiences.

“I don’t think that people understand how much is expected of you in that role,” Lisa Guerrero pointed out. “And when there’s added pressure – unnecessary reasons – it makes it that much harder to do your job.”

Lisa Guerrero also hosts ‘Secrets of Playboy’ on A&E | SCREENSHOT: Lisa Guerrero/

“As a woman, that’s what I faced in that role, and it was definitely not the happiest time in my life,” She continued. “Even though on the outside looking in, people would probably think that it was.

“It’s not just women, either. It’s men and women. Because I think a lot of men are put in those same kinds of positions, but they don’t talk about it, either.”

Today, she’s found success as she enters her 17th season at ‘Inside Edition’, and has reinvented herself once again. Like every great artist, she knows when to wash her brushes and change her colors. And for someone who has been a chameleon of entertainment, it seems she’s finally found her true colors… through lots of trials and tribulations.

Lisa Guerrero during a report on ‘Inside Edition’ | SCREENSHOT: Night Gaming and Streaming/YouTube

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These days, when she’s not on the air or writing, she’s been focusing on living life to the fullest. Aside from traveling with her boyfriend or just relaxing at home, she focuses on another passion of hers: mosaic art. She says she spends a lot of time in her art studio, and it’s one of the ways that she unwinds mentally.

For Lisa Guerrero, the road to the top was a rocky one at times. But as she looks back on her time in front of and away from the camera, she looks at life from a fighter’s perspective. It’s what inspired her to write,  and what has kept her going throughout the tough times.

“In my book, I give everyone one challenge to do, and I feel like everybody can do this every day to be more courageous and to help people overcome their challenges,” she says. “I want (people) to commit to one random act of bravery every day… Meaning? At one point in the day, there’s going to be a conflict or something that happens, where typically you would run away, or you would shrink back from, or you’d stay in your bubble.”

Lisa Guerrero swims with sharks on ‘Inside Edition’ | SCREENSHOT: Inside Edition/YouTube

“I want you to stand up for yourself or for somebody else. It could be one, small thing.

“But over time? If you do one, small brave thing every single day. Then when the time comes when you really need to be brave whether there’s a conflict, or a challenge, or a catastrophe? You will be able to overcome that challenge because you’ve already practiced being brave, every single day.”

Bravery. That’s what has kept Lisa Guerrero going on her long and winding path to success. Not just as a woman… But as a Warrior.

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