Donald J. Trump rallying in New Hampshire, via The Times and Sunday Times YouTube, screenshot

The New England Patriots can’t seem to catch a break from criticism this season it seems, and not even from those who would consider themselves die hard Patriots fans— which includes former President Donald Trump who had some thoughts to share with the crowd during a recent 2024 campaign stop in New England.

Donald Trump via Donald J. Trump YouTube, screenshot

While rallying in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire this week, Trump took a shot at Biden and the Patriots in a single joke.

“For him [Biden] to negotiate with President XI of China, is like my high school football team playing… Let’s see, what’s a good football team nowadays? Philadelphia’s good,” said Trump. “You know they change a little bit. I used to say New England. I used to say the Patriots.

“I’d love to be able to say the Patriots,” he continued. “[Bill Belichick] is a great guy, great coach, but they’re having a little hard time. What’s going on with the Patriots? But he’s a great coach. He’ll figure it out somehow.”

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Everyone who has been alive for more than two minutes knows this is not Trump completely torching someone, but it just continues to show that seemingly everyone knows that the Patriots are not living up to their potential this season, and it shows.

The Patriots suffered a 34-0 defeat to the New Orleans Saints, coming on the heels of a 38-3 loss to the Dallas Cowboys the previous week. Over their last three games, they’ve managed only one touchdown and currently rank last in the league, averaging just 11 points per game this season.

Do you agree with Trump that maybe Belichick can get the team back on track? Let us know in the comments below and across social media.

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