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When it comes to politics, the playing field can be as diverse as the fans in the stands. While some athletes prefer to stay out of the political fray, others have taken a stance, vocalizing their support for specific politicians, including the 45th U.S. President, Donald Trump. Let’s dive into a list of seven renowned athletes who have shown their allegiance to Trump.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump via Fox News YouTube

Tom Brady

The New England Patriots’ quarterback and now Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ star, often seen as the G.O.A.T. of football, had a “Make America Great Again” hat spotted in his locker in 2015. Brady later commented in interviews about his friendship with Trump and how he’s known him for years.

Tom Brady

Tom Brady via Variety YouTube

Brett Favre

The former Green Bay Packers quarterback openly declared his support for Trump in 2020. Favre mentioned that he believed Trump’s leadership was vital for the future of the U.S., especially when it came to the economy and individual freedoms.

Brett Favre via Graham Bensinger YouTube

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Colby Covington

The controversial UFC welterweight has never been shy about his political leanings. A staunch supporter of Trump, Covington has worn “Keep America Great” hats during interviews and has even received a call from the president after a victory in the octagon. The fighter’s vocal support for Trump has been a significant part of his public persona in recent years.

Colby Covington with Donald Trump

Colby Covington with Donald Trump via GetEmJorge YouTube

Jack Nicklaus

Golfing legend Jack Nicklaus penned an open letter endorsing Trump for the 2020 election. Nicklaus praised Trump’s policies and leadership style, urging fellow Americans to cast their votes for the incumbent president.

Jack Nicklaus via Fore Play Golf YouTube

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Mike Tyson

The boxing legend and former world heavyweight champion has shared his support for Trump. Tyson, who’s had a long history with Trump due to his boxing matches at Trump’s hotels in the past, endorsed him during the 2016 election.

Mike Tyson via The World of Boxing! YouTube

Herschel Walker

The former NFL running back has not only supported Trump but also developed a personal friendship with him. Walker has frequently defended Trump against allegations of racism and spoke on his behalf at the 2020 Republican National Convention.

Herschel Walker via Herschel Walker Twitter

Curt Schilling

The former MLB pitcher has been an outspoken conservative for years. Schilling expressed his support for Trump in both the 2016 and 2020 elections, emphasizing shared values and policies.

Curt Schilling via PBD Podcast YouTube

These athletes, like many Americans, have diverse political beliefs and personal reasons for supporting political figures, including Donald Trump. As fans, it’s essential to remember that athletes, despite their fame and prowess in their respective sports, have personal convictions and beliefs just like everyone else.

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