Detroit Lions Linebacker Alex Anzalone celebrating a big play | SCREENSHOT: Detroit Lions/YouTube

Lions linebacker Alex Anzalone has had a few sleepless nights since the Hamas attack on Israel, but it appears he can rest a little bit easier now. That’s because he received news that his parents – who had been part of a religious group that was visiting the Middle Eastern Jewish nation, were finally headed home safely.

Alex Anzalone – Lions vs Bills Week 12 (2022) | SCREENSHOT: Detroit Lions/YouTube

Sal and Judy Anzalone were among 53 people from The First Naples Church (Naples, Florida), visiting Israel when the Hamas’ surprise assault occurred. Seeing the news of civilians and tourists being killed and kidnapped obviously had Alex Anzalone fearing for their well-being.

Since the beginning of Hamas’ attack, over 2,000 Israelis and Palestinians have died. Government officials have also estimated over 100 people are currently being held by the terrorist faction, as well.

Luckily for Alex Anzalone and his family, this one has a (somewhat) happy ending. While no one can have any positive thoughts about the killing and destruction that’s happened in Israel… The Detroit defender can at least say a thank-you prayer that it didn’t hit much closer to home for him.

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“Thank you to everyone who has been saying prayers for my family and their safety,” Alex Anzalone said in a statement. “It’s been a scary, anxiety-filled several days but my parents are headed home safely. So many people to thank but I know this, God is good.”

On Thursday morning, First Naples church pastor Alan Brumback confirmed in a post on Facebook that the group had touched down in Miami.

“Thank you to everyone who prayed for and reached out to us,” Brumback’s message read. “We are so grateful to be back in the USA.”


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