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It seems as if Russell Wilson’s NFL career has gone downhill ever since he threw that fateful interception at the conclusion of Super Bowl XLIX. He soon slipped in Seattle and has been a disastrous disappointment in Denver. Now, former Seahwak Marshawn Lynch is shedding light on how the quarterback interacted with many of his teammates – and it’s not good.

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Beast Mode said in a recent interview that Wilson often isolated himself from his fellow players, going so far as demanding to have his own office at the team’s facility. The running back also went so far as to say he didn’t even have his QB’s phone number at one point when they were the two biggest stars on the team.

Speaking recently on Shannon Sharpe’s “Club Shay Shay” podcast, Marshawn Lynch was asked to explain his relationship with both Wilson and his former head coach in Seattle, Pete Carroll.

Lynch stated clearly – without batting an eyelash – that he “didn’t f*** with them.”

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“I wouldn’t be the right person to speak on their relationship because I didn’t f*** with them,” Lynch said. “I didn’t f*** with Pete, and Russ was like just a quarterback for me.”

“I respect Russell as a player and a teammate,” Marshawn Lynch said. “Anything I say because of the situation throwing a pick on the goal line, not giving me the ball. Him leaving from Seattle… Anything I can say is going to come off as malice or as if I’m a hater. I’ll take Russ and I’ll put him right there at quarterback and I’ll rock with him because I’ve done that.

“As far as anything else… Can’t pick up the phone and call old boy or nothing… I don’t got his number.”


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