Russell Wilson via Denver Broncos YouTube and Robert Griffin III via Robert Griffin III Twitter

Former Washington Redskins quarterback and current analyst for ESPN Robert Griffin III had some blunt criticism for Russell Wilson and a dose of reality for Broncos fans.

Robert Griffin III via Robert Griffin III Twitter

Following the Broncos 23-10 loss to the Carolina Panthers on Sunday, Robert Griffin III mocked the team’s tag line, “Broncos Country, Let’s Ride” by beginning a segment breaking down the team’s woes saying, “Broncos Country, let’s cry.”

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From there he stated, “Listen, you’re 3-8. This opportunity right here with Russell Wilson is so different than what they had with Matthew Stafford going to the Rams and Tom Brady going to the Bucs. Those two situations had an established head coach. They had an established system and they were one player away from going to the Super Bowl, and they did that.”

“I think the Broncos might have overestimated their own situation. You take a new quarterback, a new head coach, first time head coach, a new offensive coordinator, a first time offensive coordinator, a whole new environment, and all those ingredients, how are you going to cook? Russ wasn’t able to cook in that. He hasn’t been able to cook.”

Robert Griffin III via ESPN YouTube

Griffin then lampooned Wilson saying, “I think they need to go back and watch all 10 years of films of Russell Wilson in Seattle and figure out what concepts does he run well. His fundamentals don’t look right. His feet don’t look in rhythm when he’s in the pocket. He doesn’t look comfortable with the offense that they are running.”

He then turned his attention to Broncos head coach Nathanial Hackett saying, “I think it’s the job of the coach to go back and say, ‘What does Russell Wilson do great?’ not ‘What does my system do great in?’

“And then they’ll be able to find a solution to help Russell Wilson because at the end of the day he’s going to be quarterback, guys. They paid him,” he concluded.

Russell Wilson via Denver Broncos YouTube

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Wilson completed 19 of 35 throws for only 142 yards and one touchdown in the loss to the Panthers. He was sacked three times and had one fumble lost.

So far for the year he’s completed 198 passes on 336 attempts for 2369 total yards. He’s only thrown 8 touchdowns and has 5 interceptions. He has only thrown for multiple touchdowns once this year in a game against the Raiders that they eventually lost 23-32. There’s been three games where he has not thrown a touchdown

Russell Wilson via Denver Broncos YouTube

In his last year with the Seahawks he played 14 games and completed 259 passes out of 400 attempts for 3113 yards. He had 25 touchdowns and 6 interceptions.

His best year with the Seawhawks was in 2020 where he completed 384 passes out of 558 attempts for 4212 yards. He also threw 40 touchdowns albeit he had a career high of 13 interceptions as well.

The Broncos play a tough Baltimore Ravens opponent this upcoming weekend. The Ravens will be looking to feast on the struggling Broncos following a frustrating loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars this past weekend.

Russell Wilson via Denver Broncos YouTube

What do you make of Griffin’s analysis regarding the Denver Broncos and Russell Wilson?

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