Jim Kelly during his playing days with the Bills | SCREENSHOT: Knix/YouTube

Buffalo Bills legend Jim Kelly recently opened up about his decision to get baptized, and how it’s changed his perspective. The Hall of Fame quarterback stated that it was the “best decision I ever made”.

Jim Kelly – NFL Hall of Fame induction | SCREENSHOT: NFL/YouTube

The 63-year-old took to Instagram last week to share a video of his baptism in a swimming pool.

“I’m not a man of many words and I don’t speak ‘Christianese.’ All I know is that God changed my life,” Kelly wrote in his post. “After Hunter [my son] went to heaven I was so lost and angry at God. But God loved me anyway and he never gave up on me.”

Jim Kelly’s son, Hunter, died in 2005 when he was just eight years old from a genetic disorder called Krabbe’s Disease. The former five-time Pro Bowler has often mentioned his child’s death in interviews and dedicated his Pro Football Hall of Fame acceptance speech to Hunter.

Jim Kelly getting baptized | SCREENSHOT: jimkelly1212/Instagram

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“I’m far from perfect but God helped me humble myself and seek him for help,” Kelly wrote further in the post.

“Becoming a Christian is the best decision I’ve made in my life. I wish I would’ve come to him sooner. But his timing is perfect. And finally, I was baptized. I have so many people to thank especially all of the people who have prayed for me for so long. THANK YOU”

Jim Kelly led the Buffalo Bills to four straight Super Bowl appearances in the early ’90s but was never able to capture the Lombardi Trophy. Still, the former Miami Hurricane managed a career that saw him throw for 35,467 career passing yards on 2,874. He tossed 237 touchdowns and is considered the greatest QB – and perhaps even the greatest overall player – in Bills franchise history

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