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Even in his life after football, Tom Brady continues to do amazing things. The greatest quarterback of all time is enjoying his year off after retiring at the end of last season and waiting a year before he enters the broadcast booth. In the meantime, he’s clearly been taking care of himself, and he recently showed the world that he’s down 10 lbs and ripped.

Tom Brady -Jersey Retirement Ceremony | SCREENSHOT: New England Patriots/YouTube

Now 46, Brady looks as if he has been drinking from the fountain of youth, but it’s certainly not from doing a lot of rest. Just since his retirement, he’s accepted a job as a color commentator with NBC Sports and also with Delta Airlines as an executive and spokesman. Along the way, it’s also been speculated that he was going to make a bid to become a part-owner of the Las Vegas Raiders. And of course – for a while at least – there were some who thought he wouldn’t really stay retired.

And still, Tom Brady continues to reinvent himself, revealing recently that he’s dropped 10 pounds since leaving the league in February. At 6’4″, he typically played the game at around 225 pounds. But now, he’s down to 215.

Brady, who was always known for his work ethic as an NFL player, confirmed this recently stating that he achieved his new level of fitness through a strict diet and exercise regimen.

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On the podcast Let’s Go, co-host Larry Fitzgerald commented to Brady that he looked like he had shed some excess pounds. That’s when Trimmed-Down Tom replied, “I’m down about 10 pounds, but I’m actually very fit right now.”

“I haven’t had the stress that I had while I was playing so that’s allowed me to focus a little bit more on my physical health,” Brady continued. ‘Physical and mental health is so important to all of us. Without that, what do we really have?”

“You could prioritize a lot of other things; career, kids, relationships, family, greater good, community. At the end of the day, physical and mental health should sit at the top of the pyramid. You know, because if we don’t have that – when we don’t have that – we have nothing.”

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