University of Kentucky swimmer and women's advocate Rile Gaines | SCREENSHOT: Kentucky Wildcats TV/YouTube

Two people were detained by police during swimmer Riley Gaines’ planned speaking engagement on the campus of Penn State University on Tuesday. The pair were alleged to have caused a disturbance because of the noted female advocate’s message, and her mere presence at the famed school.

Riley Gaines, during an interview with Fox News earlier this year | SCREENSHOT: Fox News/YouTube

Based on videos that have circulated on social media, the pair appear to have approached a table on campus where Riley Gaines was expected to attend the ‘Real Women’s Day’ rally. One individual is seen knocking objects off the table and causing damage.

Another person is later on the clip, shouting in someone’s face of someone and referring to him as “transphobic” because of a sign rhe stranger was holding. The protester then angrily flips over the table.

Gaines, a former swimmer from the University of Kentucky, has been at the forefront of criticizing amateur and pro sports for allowing trans athletes/biological men to compete against actual females. She has been especially vocal in her objections to swimmer Lia Thomas, a biological male who began taking hormones to resemble a woman and is now a dominant athlete competing against females in NCAA competitions.

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It’s an issue that has raged through sports all the way down to high school and jr. high athletics. Because of her strong opposition, Riley Gaines has become a symbolic target of LGBTQ advocate groups and extreme leftist organizations. Dozens of protesters arrived to target her at the Penn State event, chanting “trans lives matter.

Gaines was set to speak on Tuesday, but her speech did not take place because it wasn’t booked properly –  at least, according to Penn State officials. However, she has countered that by alleging that the difficulties were used as cover to censor speech for which the university feared they would receive backlash.

Now, amid all the protests and counterprotests regarding involving the former Division I swimmer, the fallout could be even bigger. Due to the chaos surrounding her appearance, Pennsylvania state Senator Cris Dush has threatened to pull Penn State University’s funding while clashing with transgender activists.


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