Aaron Rodgers during the Jets preseason | SCREENSHOT: ThePLfog/YouTube

Entering the 2023 season, most Jets fans thought they would be watching a team that was ascending to a postseason run. Instead, they are watching a sinking ship that can’t seem to plug all the leaks. And right there in the middle, sits their fallen superstar, Aaron Rodgers, shaking his head and thinking wondering about the year that might have been.

Zach Wilson vs. the Chiefs on Sunday night | SCREENSHOT: New York Jets/YouTube

New York’s story is well-documented already this season. Four games into the season their storebought savior broke down, and they’ve been left with a young quarterback at the helm who looks like a deer in headlights. Former first-round pick Zach Wilson has been one of the worst signal callers in the NFL in place of Aaron Rodgers, and the team is a rudderless ship at 1-3.

Appearing on a ‘not-what-it-should-have-been’ broadcast of Sunday Night Football, the team actually managed to play a close game with the Super Bowl Champion Kansas City Chiefs, hanging tight until ultimately falling 23-20. Wilson showed improvement, having his best game since he took over for Aaron Rodgers, going 28 of 39 passing for 245 yards, two touchdowns, and no interceptions. It was a performance worthy of a win, especially considering that reigning MVP Patrick Mahomes didn’t play up to his usual excellence standards, tossing two interceptions and finishing the game with a 63.6 QB Rating.

Aaron Rodgers was in attendance, high above the field and watching the action unfold from a private suite. There were several moments when cameras caught him expressing a range of emotions. But much of it appeared to be frustration. Wither over how the team was playing, or the anxiety of not being out there with them.

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The positive that comes from this loss (if there is any) is that the Jets’ defense showed some life, forcing turnovers against arguably the most dangerous offensive player in The League. And the fans in New York have been given reason to hope that Wilson could truly provide some magic.

While he can’t possibly be expected to be another Aaron Rodgers, his performance against Kansas City was enough for followers of the J-E-T-S to hope he’ll at least be the best Zach Wilson he can be. If he repeats his performance from week 4, New York has enough talent to win.

And speaking of Aaron Rodgers? He will be watching – likely wearing his emotions on his sleeve the whole time.

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