Coach Deion Sanders, addressing his team | SCREENSHOT: Well Off Media/YouTube

Coach Deion Sanders and the Colorado Buffaloes football team have gotten a lot of attention and love as the NFL Hall of Famer brought his bravado to Boulder, beginning this season. All eyes have been on his exciting and athletic team, despite the fact that they’ve only gone 4-3 thus far in Prime Time’s first season with the Buffs, and they just blew a 29-0 lead to Stanford this past weekend –  eventually losing in double overtime, 46-43.

NFL Hall of Famer and two-time Super Bowl Champion Deion Sanders | SCREENSHOT: Clip Heaven/YouTube

Colorado is now 1-3 in the PAC-12 and their defense has allowed 473.7 yards per game, currently the second-worst mark in the nation. They can score points in bunches, but they’ve also shown a penchant for being undisciplined at times, and most pundits agree that the loss this week to the Cardinal was an absolute meltdown. Despite Deion Sanders’ blockbuster resume, his team has had the tendency to be a flop in critical situations.

It left many people criticizing the Buffs for their poor second-half performance, even Coach Prime, himself.

“They gotta make up their mind, are they in love with this game in like with it,” Sanders said, following the loss. “When you love something, you give to it unconditionally. You give everything you’ve got to it. But when you like it, that’s just a button you push.”

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“It’s hard for me because I love this,” Deion Sanders concluded. “Without a shadow of a doubt, I am truly 100 percent in love with this thing. I just want people to match me. Match my passion, match my heart, match my love, match my consistency.”

Then there’s Stanford offensive lineman Fisher Anderson, who got online and posted his own take on the Buffaloes, where he referred to the players on the CU squad as mere “mercenaries.”

“A few thoughts on last night: Good always wins out, no matter how bleak it looks,” Anderson’s post read. “When Coach Taylor got hired, he told everyone to stay and believe; Coach Prime told everyone to leave. We are program builders; they are mercenaries. I believe in Stanford football; you should too.”

It’s doubtful that Neon Deion or his Buffaloes will let Anderson’s comments affect their shine. They’ve had no trouble looking like superstars. And at times, they’ve even appeared to be world-beaters. But for Coach Deion Sanders and the Colorado Buffaloes? It appears 2023 will be a learning experience, proving that now that they are receiving so much attention for their early success, they will receive the same amount of criticism (or more) when they fail. That’s because they’re the most-watched college football team in America; Their Deion’s team.

Coach Deion Sanders and his squad will have a week off before they face #25 UCLA (4-2 overall, 1-2 in conference play) on the road on October 28. Tickets are already sold out for the Week 9 conference match-up, with UCLA capping ticket sales at 67,066 overall, making it the third-largest Rose Bowl crowd for a Bruins’ home game since 2016.


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