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Military veterans, active service members, and football fans in general set to attend the annual Army-Navy football game at Gillette Stadium this fall face hotel reservation cancellations. No, it’s not because of bounced credit cards, but because the rooms initially reserved for game attendees are now being allocated to accommodate illegal aliens.

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According to a report from the Boston Herald, at least one travel agent has had 70 rooms across three hotels near the stadium canceled by the hotel management to fill a state contract for housing illegal aliens. And a representative from one hotel management company operating in Foxboro said they are “delighted” to confirm the change, stating the rooms are now reserved for “refugees.”

This move follows Massachusetts Gov. Mura Healey’s recent state of emergency declaration due to a surge in migrant arrivals. To address the situation, Massachusetts, which upholds a “right to shelter” law, is contracting with multiple hotels across the state to ensure accommodations.

This situation has sparked criticism from elected officials such as Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-TN), who posted on her X social media account, “Veterans had their hotel rooms for the Army-Navy football game canceled so the hotels could house illegal immigrants. Why does the Left care more about illegal immigrants than our veterans?”

Source: Marsha Blackburn on X

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This is yet another example of open border policies putting law abiding American citizens last. According to a Harvard-Harris poll published recently, “71% of registered voters think illegal immigration is getting worse. Democrats made up 37% of respondents to that poll, which means that a critical mass of President Biden’s base is dissatisfied with how his administration has handled the issue.”

Hotels throughout the state of New York have also suffered financially as the state government has been forced to house the overwhelming number of illegal aliens who have began to flood systems paid for and meant for tax payers. It’s gotten so bad, New Yorkers are giving out flyers saying that NYC is “awful” and they should go literally anywhere else.

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The Army-Navy game, scheduled later this year, is a significant event that transcends sports, so for this to occur is an insult beyond what you’d expect from our own government. It offers a platform for military veterans, service academy attendees, graduates, and their families to gather and celebrate their service to the country.

Do you agree with the call to house the migrants in hotels in the first place or not? Let us know in the comments below and across social media.

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