Zach Wilson tosses a touchdown pass vs the Chiefs | SCREENSHOT: Jets Talk 24/7 - YouTube

Poor Zach Wilson, the whole world was seemingly coming down on him when he was forced into action following Aaron Rodgers’ season-ending Achilles injury, and Jets fans were none too happy with the way he played out of the gate, either. However, things might be turning around for the former number-one draft pick as his play on the field is improving and he’s winning over the hearts of at least some former detractors.

Zach Wilson vs. the Chiefs | SCREENSHOT: Jets 24/7 – YouTube

Wilson entered Sunday night’s contest against the Super Bowl Champion Kansas City Chiefs as the second-lowest rated QB in the entire NFL. He was mercilessly booed in his last start at home, and he had critics and pundits saying they hoped he would never start for the J-E-T-S ever again.

But a funny thing happened on the way to the trash bin. Zach Wilson started showing signs of life. He played well enough to win against Kansas City, going 28 of 39 through the air, with two touchdowns and no interceptions. He actually outplayed reigning MVP Patrick Mahomes, giving New York fans some hope for the rest of 2023.

In fact? Wilson isn’t even considered the lowest-rated QB in his own division. That honor would fall to Patriots’ Mac Jones, who still can’t escape the long shadow that Tom Brady left behind when he departed three long years ago. In fact, a recent poll suggests that Wilson is the superior star in the fans’ eyes.

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Barstool Sports writer Steven Cheah has made the point in the past that Jones’ skill set is not anywhere near that of elite quarterbacks. And he’s made the point that Zach Wilson would be a better passer for any NFL team right now over Jones – despite the pre-conceived notion that Wilson “can’t play.”

Posting an online poll, Barstool Sports found that fans agreed with that point. It turns out Wilson might not be as bad as has been previously reported. At least not in the eyes of the people.

On October 1, on the social media platform x, Chaeh posted the results of a poll that featured 8486 participants. In it, an overwhelming number of NFL watchers picked Zach Wilson over the Patriots’ beleaguered signal caller.

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That feeling appears to extend to their respective coaches, as well. Despite the calls for a replacement via free agency, Jets head man Rogert Salleh has stood firmly behind Zach Wilson – insisting that he’s the man in the pilot’s chair for the rest of 2023.

Meanwhile, the Patriots and Coach Bill Belichick have already hinted that they may start working no. 2 Bailey Zappe into the regular practice rotation going forward. Jones was benched during New England’s 38-3 loss to the Cowboys on Sunday.

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