Screenshot via Paige Spiranac YouTube

Blondes of a feather stick together it seems

Dolly Parton has whipped up some commotion since her appearance in a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader costume during her halftime performance at the Cowboys-Commanders game on Thanksgiving. And while some critics have made it clear they felt it was inappropriate for the 77-year-old country music star to appear in that outfit, Dolly at least has golfer and social media sensation Paige Spiranac in her corner.

Paige Spiranac via Paige Spiranac YouTube, screenshot

Spiranac is no stranger to arguing with people online about her own wardrobe, so to see her coming in defense of Dolly trotting in out in her getup confidently and joyously as she did shouldn’t surprise anyone who has seen the comments on Paige’s content online.

Shortly after Dolly became a trending item on social media regarding her outfit, Spiranac posted a photo of the performer onto her own social media to voice her support and tell the haters to go pack sand.

“Dolly Parton is 77 and wearing whatever the hell she wants,” Spiranac posted. “I love her.”

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Spiranac’s opinion of the matter was closely echoed by her fan base on X, who mostly appeared to agree that Dolly wasn’t harming anyone by putting on a good show and putting her best into a performance that viewers across the country seemed to have mostly enjoyed.

As for the Cowboys, they threw a blast of offense at the Washington Commanders on Thanksgiving Day, flooring their NFC East rival with a 45-10 victory. Was Dolly Parton their good luck charm? We’ll have to see how things continue the rest of this season.