NASCAR action (2019) | SCREENSHOT: NASCAR/youtube

NASCAR is facing scrutiny after an advocacy group has asked the federal government to investigate auto racing’s largest governing body for discrimination against white people. This comes due to the group’s allegation that NASCAR’s implementation of a diversity program for pit crews and drivers is illegal.

2023 NASCAR Series Cup Champion Ryan Blaney | NASCAR/youtube

The organization, America First Legal, has asked the Equal Employment Opportunities Commission to look into the matter, according to the New York Post. The firm is headed by Stephen Miller, former adviser to the White House during the Trump Administration.

America First Legal senior counsel Nick Barry wrote in a statement that the programs “should not be permitted to continue.”

“NASCAR shouldn’t be picking drivers based on their race and sex, but on their ability to drive,” the statement continued. “All racial discrimination is wrong, even if it is the in-vogue ‘social justice’ cause of the day.”

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NASCAR launched its Drive for Diversity campaign in 2004, and it has seen some success – launching the careers of drivers like Bubba Wallace, Kyle Larson, and Daniel Suarez. It’s original intent was to help bring more minority and female fans to NASCAR, which has traditionally been a white and male-dominated fan base.

In response to the group’s allegations, NASCAR has tried to quell the belief that the mission is to exclude Caucasian applicants by changing the wording. However, that hasn’t stopped not America First Legal. Nor, is it stopping the outcry from a number of fans, who have also taken issue with how the diversity program has been handled.

“NASCAR’s and Rev Racing’s commitment to race and sex-based hiring has not wavered — the website changes described above seem to have been designed only to conceal their ongoing, deliberate and illegal discrimination against white, male Americans,” the America First petition concludes.


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