Peyton Manning - 2023 CMA Awards | SCREENSHOT: ABC/youtube

While co-hosting the 2023 CMA Awards, Hall of Famer Peyton Manning takes the time to use a Taylor tie-in to torch the Jets

Peyton Manning has become known for his wit and timing, particularly when hosting or emceeing a big event. The five-time NFL MVP displayed that same skill this week while co-hosting the CMA Awards with country singer Luke Bryan. Manning fired a zinger at the New York Jets, which included a special ‘Travis & Taylor’ tie-in.

Taylor Swift at the Chiefs-Jets game | SCREENSHOT: NFL/youtube

The former Colts and Broncos QB was opening the show alongside Bryan, and they decided to touch on a couple of football-related topics. Notably, they name-dropped the current ‘it’ couple of Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce and pop sensation Taylor Swift, which has permeated sports and pop culture.

The pair joked that they were only hosting because “Travis and Taylor weren’t available.”

But that was only the setup joke for this southern-fried Abbott & Costello. Next? They moved onto a team that Peyton Manning knows well, and one whose stadium Swift recently attended to watch Kelce play: The New York Jets.

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“Luke, do you know the difference between Taylor Swift and the New York Jets?” Manning asked.

“Taylor can sell out a stadium?” Bryan replied.

“Yup, you nailed it,” Manning said.

The much-maligned Jets came into this season with high hopes, after having acquired future Hall of Famer Aaron Rodgers. But as would be the franchise’s luck, he was lost (possibly) for the entire season just four plays into his season.

What makes this joke sting even more? In the game against Kelce’s Chiefs that Swift attended, the Jets gave a valiant effort only to fall short, 23-20. Ouch.


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