Travis Kelce
Travis Kelce - Chiefs pregame | SCREENSHOT: Clip Heaven/youtube

As Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce continues his whirlwind romance with pop star Taylor Swift, fans trying to dig up dirt on him that isn’t there

One of the biggest stories of the 2023 NFL season has surprisingly had nothing to do with the action on the field, but rather a brewing romance off it. The storybook romance of Super Champion Travis Kelce and pop megastar Taylor Swift has been a perfect mishmash of sports, entertainment, and pop culture that has put a huge global spotlight on the Chiefs tight end.

Travis Kelce & Taylor Swift | SCREENSHOT: PopPlug/youtube

Kelce, 34, and Swift, 30, made their relationship public when the “Shake It Off” singer began showing up at the football star’s games – sitting next to Kelce’s mother, no less. Then, just last week, Kelce flew to Buenos Aries to see Swift perform during the latest stop on her worldwide ‘Eras’ Tour. The multi-city event has grossed over $1 billion in 2023, and it’s still going.

Meanwhile, Kelce and his Chiefs are riding high as well. The defending Super Bowl Champions are sitting at 7-2 and considered a favorite to return to the Big Game again this season. So, the happy couple is seemingly on a roll right now – both personally and professionally.

Naturally, with Swift being one of the most followed and beloved stars in the world, her legion of fans were naturally skeptical of this beauty and the beast pairing. The superstar’s army of followers – known as ‘Swifties’ – immediately began trying to learn more about Travis Kelce. (They wanted to see what his intentions were with their girl.)

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Well, the tea has been spilled. And it seems like Travis Kelcie has passed the test of the Swift sleuths who have investigated his social media past. As it turns out, he’s, well… normal.

Kelce’s tweets have been dug up and analyzed closely. Believe it or not? None of them were considered highly offensive or cancellable. As several fans pointed out, most of Travis Kelce’s social media posts have to do with one of his favorite topics – food.

Travis Kelce touchdown – Super Bowl LVII | SCREENSHOT: NFL/youtube

“Every Travis Kelce tweet is like dam! dinner tastes awesome when your hungry! but it makes u so full,” joked one person in a tweet that’s racked up over 38,000 likes.

Kelce’s other tweets, posts, and pics typically dealt with football or family. Not much was there that was overtly political, religious, or otherwise. However, Travis Kelce has been the center of some political debate as Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers has called him out for endorsing the COVID-19 vaccine produced by Pfizer.

Can’t win everyone, right?