Gov. Gavin Newsom via Fox News YouTube, screenshot

Imagine you’re a child and you wake up one morning, your local CCP official comes to the door of your home and tells your parents that you are going to play basketball with the governor of California. Sounds like an easy staged propaganda tool, right? Well, one child probably thought so before getting absolutely knocked down for the world to see.

Gov. Gavin Newsom via KTLA 5 YouTube, screenshot

During Gov. Gavin Newsom’s trip to China, he was taken to visit a local Beijing school for a photo op. During the visit he wound up in a game of basketball with kids that seemed to be elementary school students, and from there within the first few seconds of starting, he knocked a kid completely to the ground. Luckily, the kid knew his social credit score would collapse if he started crying, so he took it like a champ and showed little to no emotion as he got back up.

Now, part of me was thinking after I saw this, “Gavin Newsome really sucks at dribbling,” but then seeing him take absolutely no prisoners as he sought to win at all costs, I started yelling in my head “AMERICA!!!”

Well, after the staged basketball game gone wrong, that footage found itself online and critics have been, well, critical.

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The Los Angeles Times, who you’d think would be in the corner of their state’s dear leader, couldn’t sugar coat things.

“It was a cringey moment for the Democratic governor but didn’t cause injuries. Newsom, in dress shoes, a white shirt, and slacks, proceeded to play with the 9- and 10-year-old children for several more minutes, spinning the basketball on his fingertip and swishing a few times,” said the Times article.

“Then the governor’s wife, Jennifer Siebel Newsom, stepped onto the court and took a few shots herself. The Newsoms handed out California-themed pins to the kids and moved on to visit a painting class and a school garden.”

Not a good look, but things get worse for Newsom.

“This Gavin Newsom video is something,” Barstool Sports owner Dave Portnoy posted on X, “Dude thinks he’s on the Globetrotters. Keeps trying to spin a basketball on his finger and then commits an egregious offensive foul on a little Chinese kid and then wrestles him after he knocked him over.”

“Gavin Newsom RAN OVER a small Chinese child while playing basketball in China!!!” Posted conservative commentator Graham Allen. “Why is Gavin Newsom in China in the first place?!?!!”

There’s probably a real reason for his trip, but I care as much as you do.

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“I can’t stop watching Gavin Newsom just absolutely crush this Chinese kid playing basketball,” posted OutKick founder Clay Travis. “Clear charge. Kid was set.”

I feel ya Clay, I’ve watched it thirty times as of the time of this writing, and will probably watch it thirty more.

Gavin Newsom may have destroyed California’s economy and proven you can be a literal dictator and ruin the lives of millions by locking down the populace while enjoying private dinners in wine country with your Illuminati friends during a pandemic, but he did still win a historic recall election after all because some people just want to watch the world burn, I guess.

I’d like to thank Gov. Newsom however for enforcing American dominance in basketball overseas; gotta let those kids know who’s boss- AMERICA!

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