Fox News went the extra mile, seeking out the expert analysis of a forensic lip reader to determine if Taylor Swift was caught on camera dropping an F-bomb.
Screenshot: Taylor Swift YouTube Video

Fox News went the extra mile Tuesday, seeking out the expert analysis of a forensic lip reader to determine if Taylor Swift was caught on camera dropping an F-bomb. Why, exactly, do they give a f***?

Close Up Of Taylor Swift Allegedly Swearing: Screenshot – @ClayWendler X Video

The Chiefs on Sunday, following a controversial loss to the Buffalo Bills, were able to Shake it Off by taking care of business against the New England Patriots, winning 27-17.

As per usual, play on the gridiron was overshadowed by the manufactured Love Story between Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce and pop star Taylor Swift.

During the third quarter of the contest, Kelce was targeted on a pair of plays in the endzone. During one play in particular, he tried to create a Blank Space between himself and Patriots cornerback Myles Bryant, resulting in Kelce on the ground.

Video of the play shows Kelce either falling accidentally or trying to draw a flag by flopping harder than LeBron James hearing a Pillsbury biscuit can pop.

Cameras then panned to the box where Swift was watching the game, as they so often do, and may have caught her *gasp* dropping an f-bomb.

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Fox Launches Investigation Into Taylor Swift F-Bomb

Look, you’re not going to get any Bad Blood out of me regarding Taylor Swift’s popularity. She’s won more Grammy Awards (12) than most artists are ever nominated for. She was recently named Time’s Person of the Year in 2023. She’s a billionaire.

And the fact that the internet engaged in a massive debate about whether or not she actually cursed on camera is a testament, though a somewhat odd one, to how much people care about her.

That said, Fox News – You Need to Calm Down.

The network provided an in-depth analysis of the video by Jeremy Freeman, a forensic expert lip reader.

Freeman’s analysis? She probably isn’t guilty. The lip reading expert though, says Swift may have begun saying a word that starts with the letter ‘F’ but altered it midway through.

“After careful examination, it is my professional opinion that Taylor Swift did not utter the expletive ‘f—‘ as has been alleged,” Freeman told the network. “The lip patterns observed do not align with this specific word.”

His professional conclusion … Ready For It: Taylor Swift said “frug, fry or fruck.”

Now, I’m no professional on anything really, but I’m not sure this guy knows what the frug he’s talking about.

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You’d Think She Never Swore Before

Fox News hiring a forensic lip reader to analyze one word that may or may not have come out of Taylor Swift’s mouth is beyond my Wildest Dreams.

So Don’t Blame Me for the analysis. That said, while she has a cleaner image than some of her contemporaries, Taylor Swift has, in fact, used the f-word before.

In her song Snow on The Beach, Swift has a line, “Weird but fuckin’ beautiful.”

Kind of how I feel every time the NFL shoves her mug onto my television screen.

She also drops an f-bomb in the songs Cowboy Like Me and Mad Woman.

At least that’s what somebody told me. Totally don’t have Taylor Swift on my Spotify list.

The Kansas City Chiefs improved to 9-5 on the season while the Patriots dropped to 3-11. Kelce contributed 5 catches for just 28 yards, prompting observers to wonder just what the fruck happened to him.