The Sandlot reunion
Underwood & Underwood, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

For people of a certain age, The Sandlot ranks right up there with The Mighty Ducks, Remember the Titans, and Mystery, Alaska. The coming-of-age comedy about a group of baseball wunderkinds had a sequel of sorts – in the form of a charity baseball game.

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Sandlot Sandlot Sandlot!

TMZ reports that members of the cast got together in New Smyrna Beach, Florida to host an event that would have made 7-year-old Derek wet his pants. Among the attendees:

Marty York aka Yeah-Yeah – the lovable, excitable one.

Tom Guiry aka Smalls – the new kid in town who doesn’t know what baseball is and for some reason has a baseball cap with a 4 foot long brim.

Victor DiMattia – aka Timmy.

Shane Obedzinski – aka Tommy the repeater.

Grant Gelt – aka Bertram the Big Chew addict.

The event was organized by the film’s writer and director David Mickey Evans, and it was no vanity affair. Besides the charity baseball game, the fellas held meet and greets with fans and even held movie screenings.

Which means fans finally got to ask Smalls where he got that stupid hat.

And, of course, discover if any of these men picked up any real skills while filming.

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The Sandlot

Released in 1993 and just coming off the end of the Cold War, The Sandlot tells the tale of Scott Smalls, the nerdy new kid in town who can’t connect with his stepfather or other kids his own age. He’d rather play with his Erector Set than be tormented by less nerdy kids.

Eventually, the group runs out of balls – they keep going over a fence that separates them from the legendary neighborhood dog, “The Beast,” and Smalls steals a ball from his stepdad so they can keep playing. Little does Smalls realize, the ball was signed by none other than Babe Ruth, and of course follows its comrades over the fence.

Which leaves the boys, Benny the Jet, and a pair of majorly kick ass P.F. Flyers to save the day.

PF Flyers | Wikimedia

One thing is for certain – director David Evans needs a new PR team, because with any promotion at all, that event would have been 100 times bigger.