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After his breakup with Tracey Edmonds, Deion Sanders tells Chad Ochocinco and Shannon Sharpe what it takes for a woman to be ready for Prime Time

Single life has apparently been hilarious so far for Colorado coach and NFL Hall of Famer Deion Sanders, who recently split from his fiancee Tracey Edmonds. However, he seems to be bouncing back just fine, as he discussed his adventures in dating recently during a funny exchange with Shannon Sharpe and Chad Ochocinco on the Nightcap Show.

Deion Sanders, with the Falcons | SCREENSHOT: Clip Heaven/YouTube

Sitting down with a couple of old friends, Coach Prime cut loose, laughing about some of the red flags that pop up when he starts dating a woman. He had the two hosts in stitches as he laid out some ‘ground rules’ for when he initiates a relationship.

After discussing how Ochocinco was smacking his lips while eating a donut on the air, Sanders said that he could never date a woman who ate like that. It quickly led to a lighthearted discussion about pet peeves when it comes to a prospective mate.

At that point, Deion Sanders announced that he could not continue to see a woman if she passed gas in front of him.

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“You better hold it,” Deion Sanders said. “I don’t care if your stomach’s busted, you better hold that thing. Hold that thing and walk off with it.”

Sharpe agreed with Prime Time, while Ochocinco didn’t seem to mind smelling what a woman was cooking. This (of course) made him the butt of a couple of jokes from his fellow footballers.

Sanders says he is in the ‘transfer protocol’ when it comes to relationships, and that’s something he would certainly know a lot about. His Colorado Buffaloes have become one of the high-profile programs that are drawing interest from several top transfers. However, there’s no word yet if there will be a ‘no farting’ sign in the Buffs’ locker room in 2024. Stay tuned.


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