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Deion Sanders let his sons go to Paris for Fashion Week, but they got some football talk along with all that fluff

Colorado coach Deion Sanders’ sons, Shedeur and Shilo, may have skipped the Buffaloes’ first team meeting of 2024 to travel to Paris for Fashion Week, but football found them in France nonetheless. An exchange with rapper Quavo led to the entertainer offering some unsolicited advice.

Shadeur Sanders | SCREENSHOT: Sick EditzHD/YouTube

Rapper Gives His Take

Shilo and Sandeur Sanders were in the fashion capital of the world to show their style and walk the runway. So, the gridiron was far from their minds. But that didn’t stop Quavo from offering some advice.

The former member of the rap group Migos approached the Sanders brothers, and instead of handshakes and hugs? He was handing out some advice for the pair when they hit the field in 2024.

“Y’all boys needs to tighten up,” the rapper said on a video of the exchange that was posted online. “Yall had too much Motion, they couldn’t handle the motion.”

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Quavo Speaks With Shilo Sanders

Quavo also addressed Shilo Sanders directly. The safety is the elder of the two brothers, and he will be entering the final year of eligibility after transferring twice in his collegiate career. He previously played at South Carolina, and then for a year for his father at Jackson State, before winding up in Boulder.

“You can hit, you can tackle, but you know you got to cover,” Quavo told Shilo. “I’m just telling you what I see.”

Shilo countered the criticism by saying that teams were scared to throw the ball in his direction.


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