Cowboys owner Jerry Jones
Cowboys owner Jerry Jones | SCREENSHOT: PNJ Video/YouTubeCredit: PNJ Video on YouTube

NFL analyst Robert Griffin III went a little too far when he stated that Cowboys owner Jerry Jones should hire Prime Time as the coach in Big D

After the Dallas Cowboys got decimated by Jordan Love and the Packers on Wild Card Weekend, former NFL quarterback and current ESPN analyst Robert Griffin III posted a video on X suggesting the team hire Colorado coach Deion Sanders. To say this ‘hot take’ went over like a lead balloon with most fans would be an understatement.

Deion Sanders
Deion Sanders | SCREENSHOT: Well Off Media/YouTubeCredit: Well Off Media on YouTube

A Dark Day For Dallas

It’s easy to see why so many fans, followers, and even analysts have been trying to explain just exactly what happened to the Cowboys this past weekend, as they fell apart in the playoffs once again under coach Mike McCarthy.

In a game in which they were favored at home, Dallas got torched by quarterback Jordan Love and his backfield mate, Aaron Jones. The Green Bay QB tossed three touchdown passes as his running back also ran for three more. For those watching? The 48-32 score seemed like much more of a blowout than even the 16 points might have indicated.

And while their win may have been expected by some, the stunning score was a shocker. It surely left a sick feeling in the stomach of Cowboys owner Jerry Jones – who remains unclear if McCarthy will return in 2024, or if a replacement will come riding into Texas to lay down the law.

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RG III Says Sanders Could Leave Boulder For The ‘Boys

In his post, Robert Griffin III argued that with his Hall of Fame pedigree and ties to the Cowboys organization Deion Sanders might be a ‘prime’ pick to replace the embattled McCarthy. It was a pretty far-fetched theory, and it received adequate mockery by NFL fans online.

“Coach Prime went 1-8 vs the Pac-12,” someone replied. “You sure he can handle the NFL?”

“I am normally with ya on a slew of things. But hiring Coach Prime is a little too early,” another person wrote.

Robert Griffin III | SCREENSHOT: Next Up with Adam Breneman/YouTube

Another user on X asked if RG III was just making a wild statement to draw attention and clicks.

“Are you pulling an Acho and simply trying to engagement farm?” The user @john9williams posted in response. “Cause that seems like what you’re doing instead of offering a legit thought on this. This can’t be what you really think. Were you suggesting him for Bama or Washington?”

While Jerry Jones hasn’t pulled the trigger on McCarthy yet there’s a major possibility he won’t be back under the headset next season. But it’s much more UNLIKELY that Deion Sanders could make the jump to the NFL after one losing season in Division I college football. And it’s doubtful the Dallas owner – who has been waiting nearly 30 years for another Super Bowl win – will want to go with anyone who hasn’t shown the ability to win right now.


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