Aubrey Huff
Aubrey Huff | SCREENSHOT: One America News Network/YouTube

Aubrey Huff has been known to say whatever is on his mind, but the right-wing, former MLB player may be running scared now

Two-time World Series champion Aubrey Huff is ducking away from social media after a 23-year-old conservative political activist made claims that he sent her inappropriate messages. Since retiring in 2014, Huff had been incredibly outspoken on social and political issues but now appears to have muzzled himself.

Aubrey Huff
Aubrey Huff, during his playing days | SCREENSHOT: BASportsGuy/YouTube

Huff On The Hot Seat

Isabella Maria DeLuca, a 23-year-old right-wing political activist claims Aubrey Huff sent her a salacious message before later belittling her in a separate post. (For the record, Huff is 47).

It began when the former San Francisco Giant got into the middle of an online spat between DeLuca and another prominent online personality, Rachel Wilson. Huff called it a ‘cat fight’ and also made comments about DeLuca’s looks after she posted a video of herself making a cake.

“[It’s] proof that most today’s women even know… their sexuality is all they bring to the table,” Huff allegedly wrote in a since-deleted reply that was resurrected thanks to saved screenshots. “Complete with a desperate need for attention, crippling debt, drama, delusional self-worth, & a complete lack of accountability.”

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Former Catcher Gets Caught Up

“Is that why you dm’ed me? Because of my ‘delusional self worth’ and ‘desperate need for attention’?” DeLuca wrote in a reply to Huff’s alleged post, which has since been deleted.

DeLuca then posted a screen grab of a message she claimed she received from Huff on December 25th, which read: “Hey beautiful let’s Colab [collaborate] over cocktails and bad decisions,” including a winking face emoji.

After repeated replies from DeLuca incriminating the former MLB star, DeLuca added that Aubrey Huff “deleted his whole account,” including his initial post.