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Hall Of Famer Denounces “Male Bodies” In Women’s Sports

Martina Navratilova had a legendary tennis career. For a long time, most people considered her the greatest of all time, even as she was playing against the likes of Chris Evert and Steffi Graf. Even today, 12 years after her formal retirement and even with those who came after her, like Venus and Serena Williams, she still makes most people’s top 5 or at least top 10 of all time.

Martina Navratilova – Screenshot: Today YouTube Video

She is also a problematic individual for everyone in the gender cult. Navratilova is a staunch Democrat. She believes in gun control, and abortion rights, and aligns with the left on most political issues. Navratilova, of course, is also gay. So, when she speaks out about letting men compete against women in sports, the LGBTQ+ community can’t dismiss and denounce her as a “right-wing extremist.”

She has spoken often on the issue, lambasting the NCAA for nominating Lia (aka, Will) Thomas as its “Woman Of The Year,” and applauding World Athletics for barring “trans women” from competing against actual women. This weekend, Navratilova had reason to speak out once more. This time, she criticized women’s golf and the LPGA for allowing a man to win a qualifying tournament on the NXXT tour. Navratilova tweeted this on Saturday:

Later in the day, Navratilova also issued a scathing tweet denouncing the Collegiate Water Polo Association for also trying to create ways to allow men to compete against women.

Hailey Davidson, A Man, Wins NXXT Qualifier

For background, the issue arose when on Saturday, news outlets reported that “trans woman” Hailey Davidson had beaten all of his female competition at a tournament in Florida, which gave him a chance at another LPGA qualifier.

A transgender golfer with dreams of making it to the LPGA tour has won a women’s tournament in Florida, which improved her chances of earning herself a spot in a qualifying tour.

Hailey Davidson, 30, came out on top at the NXXT Women’s Classic on Jan. 17 at the Mission Inn Resort and Club, 35 miles northwest of Orlando, after shooting one-over-73 and ending the three-round tournament +4.

New York Post, Jan. 20, 2024

What makes the situation even more insulting to women is that NXXT Golf prides itself on “elevating women’s golf.”

“The Tour’s mission is to prepare the world’s best young women professional golfers for a successful career on the LPGA Tour,” according to the Epson Tour’s website.

New York Post, Jan, 20, 2024

That’s just a slap in the face to every woman golfer. NXXT is “elevating” them by erasing them.

"Transgender" golfer Hailey Davidson speaks to Good Morning Britain
Hailey Davidson is seen towering over even his male interviewer on Good Morning Britain Credit: X Video Clip – Good Morning Britain

Many Women – And One Parody Man – Outraged

Unsurprisingly, in addition to Navratilova, the fact that NXXT allowed a man to compete and win against women infuriated a lot of other women’s advocates. Megyn Kelly, for example, pointed out how the use of “preferred pronouns” enables this unfair competition.

Just looking at this picture, you can see how Davidson towers over the women who finished behind him. And his frame is much larger. Last time we checked, height and core strength were considered pretty important factors and big advantages in the sport of golf.

Of course, you didn’t think Riley Gaines was going to be silent about this, did you?

Maybe the funniest reaction though (and we do have to laugh at and mock this insanity), came from a parody account on X, “@PGATUOR”, which “quoted” famed golfer John Daly’s reaction:

We want to emphasize, that this was a PARODY tweet and quote. John Daly did not actually say this. But it is hilarious (and also the mark of a great parody). Because one can not only imagine that this is how Daly feels, but also that he would express it exactly this way.

Well done, fake John Daly.

Winner Claims Victim Status, Invents “Threats” Against Him

Of course, Davidson, the cheating man himself, then followed the “trans athlete” playbook to a T, instantly accusing his detractors of spreading “misinformation.”

Sorry, dude. But the only one spreading “misinformation” here is you. By pretending to be a woman when the entire world can see that you are not.

Davidson then assumed full victimhood status by claiming that he was receiving “death threats” because of his win.

Notice how whenever they say this, they can never point to any specific threats, like a recorded phone call, a piece of mail, or a printed-out email. We’re always supposed to just accept that their safety is in danger, with no substantiation.

Sorry once again, Davidson, but the only threat here is you. Threatening actual women who have trained their whole lives for the dream of making the LPGA Tour. A dream that you are stealing because you are not good enough to compete against men.

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