Matthew Stafford
Matthew Stafford | SCREENSHOT: Clip Island/youtubeCredit: Clip Island on YouTube

Despite his years as the quarterback for the Lions, Matthew Stafford and his family got no love from the Motor City Maniacs on Sunday

Matthew Stafford spent 12 years playing at a high level as the quarterback for the Detroit Lions, but the team never found any success. Upon his departure in 2021, he ran off to the Los Angeles Rams and won a Super Bowl immediately. That didn’t sit too well with fans in the Motor City, who let him – and his family – know about it this Sunday.

Stafford, with the Lions | SCREENSHOT: clip city/youtube

Matthew Stafford and the Rams (10-7 on the regular season) traveled to Ford Field to face the now-dominant Lions (12-5, NFC North Champions) and were sent packing, 24-23 by his former team.

It would have been a normal return for any former player – some respect with a smattering of boos. Except, some Detroit fans still feel slighted, and they’ve warmly embraced Stafford’s replacement – Jared Goff – as fortunes have turned.

Not only did they boo Stafford, they also chanted Goff’s name over and over again when their former QB took the field. However, they also directed some of their ire toward the player’s wife, Kelly, and their children. The passer’s spouse was more than happy to point this on social media later.

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Stafford’s Wife Speaks Out

“It’s sports. The city wants to win. Everything is fair game…except fans who booed my children,” Kelly wrote on Instagram on Monday, after hearing the jeers.

“Other than that, I loved the atmosphere and the booing just gave my husband more fire. The more you love, the more you hate. I consider it all love going both ways.”

“And now that we’re out…I hope the Lions bring home a Lombardi to that city because that feeling is like no other. Go get it,” she added.


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