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Packers tight end Tucker Kraft is quickly becoming a go-to guy for great quotes, much like his Lord and savior Jesus Christ. The emerging TE proved it again when discussing fellow Christian player CJ Stroud, quarterback of the Houston Texans.

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Kraft With Another Great Quote

While Kraft hasn’t (yet) received as much fanfare for on-field performance as his teammate and sometimes linemate Luke Musgrave, he has gotten noticed for his mouth – in a good way.

Kraft shared his feelings on social media about Stroud’s comments, giving him some backing and evangelizing on behalf of the Son of Man:

I’m not saying I’m on the same level as CJ, however if a youngster flips on the tv and watches me and decides that maybe someday they want to be just like me; I hope that their dream also brings them closer to our lord and savior. We have imperfections. But we must keep the faith.

Stroud has been very open about his faith, and some are even accusing NBC of “censoring” his comments about Christ by editing his response to a post-game question to cut out any mention. That kind of thing probably wouldn’t fly with Kraft.

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Kraft Likes Violence

Former rapper and free speech enthusiast Eminem, before his change of heart, once said, “Hi, kids! Do you like violence?”

Tucker Kraft answered, “YES!” Really! Look at this insanely awesome quote:

“I’m comfortable with VIOLENCE at the LOS (Line of Scrimmage). I want to PUNISH DEFENDERS as a blocker. I see the emotions in their face change once I put them on their heels. I can feel their breath leaving. They exhale as I fall on top of them.”

Now, Kraft obviously means the real but not-deadly violence of the game of football, not the kind that is prohibited as a Christian.

No one can claim to speak for God, but He will probably give Kraft a pass since He is very obviously a Green Bay Packers fan. How could it be any other way?

I, for one, am looking forward to the next baller Kraft quote.

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