Rachel Stuhlmann
Rachel Stuhlmann via Athlete Focus YouTube, screenshot

A car accident and some surgeries can’t keep the tennis influencer and model down for too long

Everyone knows how our attention spans have basically turned into that of a goldfish’s, and when it comes to the world of viral trends and social media clout, no one understands how fast and fleeting social media fame can be more than ‘influencers’ themselves. So, were any of us surprised when tennis influencer Rachel Stuhlmann hopped back in front of a camera as soon as she could?

Rachel stuhlmann at the Espy's
Rachel Stuhlmann attends the 2022 Golden Soiree’s ESPYs pre-party red carpet celebration via Maximo TV YouTube, screenshot

Rachel Stuhlmann, a prominent social media influencer in the tennis world, recently announced her return to regular content creation after recovering from a severe car accident and subsequent surgery last year.

Stuhlmann underwent anterior cervical disc replacement surgery and took a brief hiatus from social media to focus on her rehabilitation. Despite not being able to return to the tennis courts yet, she remained positive and eager to reconnect with her fanbase.

With over 300,000 Instagram followers, she has kept her fans updated about her recovery process, including showcasing her post-surgery scar. She maintains an optimistic outlook for 2024, expressing excitement for the future of tennis and her role in it.

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Rachel Stuhlmann Is Back!

“The snow didn’t see me coming” Stuhlmann posted with a brand new Instagram post showing a complete one-eighty from where she was post-accident a few months ago.

Is it ironic that this display of getting back to work coincides with the release of her 2024 calendar? Maybe…

Are you shocked as to how quickly she returned to professional photoshoots and the regular trappings of that much desired and dreaded social media influencer life? Let us know across social media @boundingsports.