ESPN commentator Stephen A. Smith said he'd be willing to debate former President Donald Trump "any day of the week" and suggested he'd "eat him alive."
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ESPN commentator Stephen A. Smith said he’d be willing to debate former President Donald Trump “any day of the week” and suggested he’d “eat him alive.”

Smith made the comments during an interview with Howard Stern, the geriatric former shock jock so ruined by COVID that he has yet to emerge from his basement. Stern, as he has been reduced to doing, mindlessly nodded along with Smith’s claims.

“I’d eat him alive,” he said of Trump. “I wouldn’t run for the presidency, but I’d debate Trump any day of the week. Any day of the week. Name the time and place and I’d show up.”

Could Stephen A Smith Out-Debate Trump?

The problem of course is that Smith, who often uses words incorrectly as a means to appear smarter than he actually is (anybody recall when he thought Jake Plummer needed a haircut, “But I regress“) has deluded himself after becoming a prominent voice at ESPN as their poor man’s Morgan Freeman.

When you’re going toe-to-toe with the likes of Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe on a daily basis, you’re not exactly keeping your mind sharp.

But then, Stephen A Smith has never been all that sharp. This is, after all, a man who once vehemently argued that the Chargers should have kicked a FG on 3rd down because, had they missed it, they could have kicked it again.

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It’s also the same dude who went off in a fit of rage on social media because he didn’t understand that an article posted by The Onion about him was satire.

He eventually admitted they “got” him and deleted the rant.

Stephen A. isn’t equipped to debate an actual onion, much less Donald Trump.

Jason Whitlock, who works for the conservative outlet BlazeTV, has referred to the ESPN personality as “Stephen A. Myth”, accurately pointing out that Smith was “installed” as a top sports personality, and claiming he “fabricated” stories in his memoir.

Stephen A. Smith, in his interview with Stern, also railed against Democrats for trotting out the elderly Joe Biden to run for re-election against Trump.

“It is an absolute disgrace on the part of the Democratic Party — Democrats, liberals … progressives — and you’re begging an 82-year-old man to run for reelection,” he said.

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