Exiled former MLB pitcher Trevor Bauer tells talk show host Tomi Lahren that he's changed a lot of things in his personal life.
Screenshot: Outkick YouTube Video

Exiled former MLB pitcher Trevor Bauer tells talk show host Tomi Lahren that he’s changed a lot of things in his personal life

Former Cy Young Award winner Trevor Bauer was notoriously run out of Major League Baseball following allegations of sexual abuse. Now, just a few months after settling a civil suit with his accuser, he spoke with conservative talk show host Tomi Lahren, and he says that he’s made some adjustments in his personal life. They are changes the star hopes might pave a path for him to pitch in the Big Leagues again someday.

Trevor Bauer with the Dodgers | SCREENSHOT: Paradigm Pitching/YouTube

Trevor Bauer Says He’s Changed

Despite his assertations that he was innocent and the pair were just engaging in ‘kinky sex’, Bauer was suspended from MLB in April 2022 and pitched for Yokohama in the Japanese League last year. Now, he’s a free agent and ready to return to the game, but he still hasn’t found a new team. Much of that is due to his past, something he says he’s trying to move away from.

“I’ve stopped having, like, casual sexual relationships,” Trevor Bauer told Lahren on a recent episode of her show, Tomi Lahren is Fearless. “Stopped agreeing to engage in rough sex acts.”

“I’m looking for more people that add value to my life instead of something that I’m doing for a couple of hours on a night and then kind of forget about.”

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Bauer Back To The Big Leagues?

Considered one of MLB’s most polarizing players before the sexual assault allegations, Trevor Bauer was known for rubbing teammates, management, and fans the wrong way with his irreverent attitude. A harsh competitor, his tactics were often questioned, especially his use of a device he works out with – his warm-up stick. It became somewhat of a security blanket for him, and it coincided with other odd eccentricities.

Now, he’s hoping to make a return to the game at the age of 32. However, at least one former MLB GM says that there’s virtually no chance that any club will sign him, based on his prior actions and recent confessions.

“Based on his admissions, no MLB team would give him another opportunity,” former Reds personnel director Jim Bowden stated in a recent TV appearance.