Aaron Rodgers talks to Joe Rogan about Jimmy Kimmel, Epstein documents, and disproving media coverage. Find out what he has to say!
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Aaron Rodgers recently appeared with popular podcast host Joe Rogan and discussed a wide range of topics including his joke about Jimmy Kimmel and the release of documents pertaining to Jeffrey Epstein.

Rodgers explained that he never said Kimmel was involved with underage girls, nor did he even say the late-night host would be on the list. Those would have been serious accusations. But media coverage of the comments was not grounded in reality and they eagerly jumped to defend their blackface-loving colleague in Kimmel.

We’re going to walk the left-wing sports media through this one more time:

  • Kimmel took several shots at the New York Jets quarterback for even discussing the Epstein list, calling him a “tin foil hatter” rendered stupid from multiple concussions, a suggestion that a list of Epstein victims or incredibly powerful clients was fictitious and simply a conspiracy theory.
  • Rodgers joked that maybe Kimmel is worried about the list being released, a quip about the late-night host’s jabs at him on the matter and an insinuation that he would be proven wrong for downplaying it.

It really is that simple.

Aaron Rodgers Has To Explain It Again

Kimmel, being the candyass he is, whined about Rodgers’ comments and threatened a lawsuit while Pat McAfee, host of the show where the NFL QB made the comment, even did the weak and tired, “We live in a country that has freedom of speech, but you’re going to have to deal with the consequences of your freedom of speech,” shpiel to avoid the controversy.

So Aaron, appearing on The Joe Rogan Experience, had to explain things once again.

“So when you were saying that he doesn’t want that list to come out, you weren’t saying that he was on that list,” Rogan asked.

Rodgers replied “No” while both men stated his joke had been taken out of context.

“Nobody watched the fucking clip. That’s why,” Rodgers replied. “They just saw a headline, ‘Oh, it’s the anti-vax guy again. Let’s fucking hammer him again.’”

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Joe Rogan went on to destroy Kimmel for mocking people who smartly didn’t take the COVID-19 vaccine if it wasn’t right for their personal medical situation. He said he’d like to have a conversation with the former comedian about his comments.

“Why would you think that it’s okay to say that – it’s a real simple thing – the people that have been vaccinated you treat them and the people that took horse goo you know, ‘Rest in peace wheezy,'” Rogan said.

“Really? Is that really how you feel? Like people that are sick from a disease that was created in a fucking lab that was funded by our own tax dollars?” Rogan continued.

“That’s how you feel? Like those people should just die?”

Of course, that’s how Kimmel, along with most of the left-wing media and the left-wing sports complex felt. Here you can watch the squirrely d-bag joke that Rogan is referring to.

Kimmel, who was a college dropout at Arizona State, continued mocking Rodgers after the incident and suggested he’s just a dumb conspiracy theorist because he went to community college.

Rodgers wished the late-night host would have the “same energy” for finding the truth about Epstein as he had disdain for people who didn’t agree with getting the vaccine.

I just wished late-night talk shows would hire funny, intelligent, intriguing hosts again. Kimmel is 0-3 in those categories.

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