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After President Joe Biden backed out of a Super Bowl pregame interview, CBS declined to fill the slot with former President Donald Trump because, according to CBS Sports Chairman Sean McManus, “We’re producing a football pregame show, not a political show.”

Let that sink in for a minute. CBS is okay with one politician interviewing during the pregame segment, but not another politician.

Biden Good, Trump Bad – No Super Bowl Interview

President Biden declined the Super Bowl interview opportunity for the second year in a row, a move McManus said he was prepared to move on from, according to Outkick.

Some Democrat operatives suggested Biden’s team didn’t want him in the spotlight. Back to the basement strategy during another election cycle.

“Either he doesn’t have anything to say or his team is worried about what he might say or how he’d say it,” one source told NBC News. “Regardless, it’s a problem.”

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When McManus was first asked about a Super Bowl interview with Trump, he was immediately dismissive.

“I don’t want to get into the politics,” McManus reportedly interjected. “We’re here to talk about the game.”

Later addressing the Trump offer, he again interrupted the reporter, “We’re producing a football pregame show, not a political show.”

What exactly was Biden going to offer a Super Bowl interview focused exclusively on the NFL? A fake story about how he could have been “a flanker back in the NFL”?

Guy doesn’t know where he is for 10 hours per day (the other 14 are spent sleeping and eating pudding pops) but CBS thinks he can contribute to a football interview.

At least Trump could talk actual football or maybe even rehash that time he laced a perfect throw at a “Stargaze Shootout” for the chance to win $1 million.

Actually, come to think of it, Biden could offer insight on tackling ques. Like when he was tackled by a sandbag. Or the stairs on Air Force One.

Not everyone is dogging Biden’s decision while carrying water for Trump however.

“If Trump wants to do ‘Presidential Interviews,’ he should consider his past mistakes, such as his handling of the pandemic and appointment of swamp monsters, and perhaps then he will actually be president, rather than former president,” libertarian commentator and content creator Alan Mosley said exclusively to Bounding Into Sports.

“Apparently the Soros family didn’t want to pay for both Taylor Swift and the POTUS interviews,” quipped conservative activist Kerry Slone.

McManus rationalized his move against a Trump Super Bowl interview by saying the only politician who can be allowed to take part is the President of the United States.

“There’s no precedent for having any political figure other than the president give the interview,” he said. “Fair enough?”

Trump took part in one such interview in 2019.

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