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Stop me if you’ve heard this one before – An ESPN commentator lacking in fresh incite decides to inject the race card into a relatively mundane conversation, only to have facts and reality blow up their narrative.

Enter Stephen A. Smith, one of several ESPN personalities who are simply incapable of any original thoughts. Smith believes the Washington Commanders hired Kliff Kingsbury as their new offensive coordinator because he’s not black.

“From a historical perspective, we look at a guy like Kliff Kingsbury and you know what we see as black folks? This is the kind of stuff that don’t happen for black folks,” Smith said during an appearance on the network.

Stephen A. Smith Has A Problem With Kliff Kingsbury For Being White

What’s really odd about this argument is that we’re just a little over a week removed from the Atlanta Falcons hiring Raheem Morris as their head coach.

Morris is the first full-time Black head coach in the franchise’s history and beat out 14 other candidates for the job, including one Bill Belichick who interviewed twice for the position.

Oh, and guess who replaced Belichick in New England? Jerod Mayo who, despite his last name is not white.

But Smith thinks things like this ‘don’t happen for black folks.’ Of course, he also thinks you can try a Field Goal on third down and get a do-over if you miss, so there’s that.

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Turns out of the the seven NFL head coach openings in this cycle, four were filled by people of color, according to Sports Illustrated.

And the Commanders, who Smith seems to have an issue with, had Ron Rivera and Eric Bieniemy, as their previous head coach and coordinator, respectively. They had an opportunity.

But only white folks get those opportunities in Stephen A. Smith’s vacuous mind.

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“It doesn’t seem to me there are bonafide football reasons as to why Kliff Kingsbury is the new offensive coordinator for the Washington Commanders,” he said under the impression this would bolster his argument.

Except for that whole helping to mentor one of the top quarterbacks in the game today thing.

Kliff Kingsbury was instrumental in Patrick Mahomes’ development as a quarterback. During their time together at Texas Tech, Kingsbury’s coaching style and guidance played a significant role in shaping Mahomes’ skills and confidence on the field.

Kingsbury’s Air Raid offense allowed Mahomes to showcase his arm strength, accuracy, and ability to make quick decisions. This system helped Mahomes develop into a dynamic and versatile quarterback, which ultimately led to his success in the NFL.

But yeah, no bonafide reasons.

Maybe it’s just a personal thing with Smith. Here he is looking more like Steve Urkel than Stephen A., making fun of Kliff Kingsbury for not looking like a football coach.

Maybe his prediction will go the way of one Jemele Hill, who also sees everything through the prism of race. Hill whined about Detroit Lions head coach Dan Campbell getting his job when a black coach, in her view, was more deserving.

The Lions went from a laughingstock to playing in the NFC Championship game.

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