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Andrew Tate was a kickboxer who has since became a major social media influencer.

But he has no interest in fighting current UFC middleweight champion Sean Strickland.

Tate Won’t Fight

Strickland went viral over the weekend when he beat up on Rumble streamer Sneako.

It all went down during a livestream.

BroBible reports, “Tate, who is friends with Sneako, went on the Fresh And Fit podcast and said he had no interest in fighting Strickland or any other despite the fact that he could make up to $10-$20 million doing so because he’s currently fighting a culture war.”

The story continued:

“I don’t know why people want to drag me into fights sometimes..I could spar, I could do a big fight and make $10-$20 million dollars or whatever, but it’s not worth my time, but that’s the money that would be generated; everyone is trying to drag me into a fight, they want me to fight…I’m already in a fight, I’m not interested in trying to do any fights for entertainment, I think my fight is larger and bigger than some stupid boxing match or sparring competition or some views on the Internet, I think I’m fighting for not only my life but I think I’m fighting for a lot of other people…we are currently in a culture war.

It is worth noting that Strickland has trashed Tate in the past and called him a con artist.

A fight between Tate and Strickland could probably make a lot of money for both guys but it doesn’t seem like a realistic option anytime soon.

It really could make a lot of money but Tate doesn’t seem willing.

Must be nice to leave that kind of money on the table.

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