As the NFL and Taylor Swift orchestrate media campaigns, the Pentagon weighs in. Learn what military officials had to say about the Super Bowl and the pop star's beau.
Screenshot: Taylor Swift YouTube Video

There’s a war brewing in the Middle East but that isn’t about to stop top Pentagon officials from focusing on Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce, and the Super Bowl.

Multiple Department of Defense officials spoke to Politico regarding what is being viewed as right-wing attacks and conspiracy theories against the pop star and her beau on the Kansas City Chiefs.

Having Solved All Other World Problems, The Pentagon Has Thoughts About Taylor Swift

While most of us are simply annoyed with the manufactured media coverage coordinated by the NFL and Taylor Swift, some on the right have suggested there is a greater motive at play here.

Just like we’re annoyed that the Super Bowl halftime shows feature crappy professional lip-syncers as opposed to, you know, Metallica or AC/DC. And we get it, it’s to draw in younger womenfolk. But it’s still garbage.

Anyway, as Bounding Into Sports recently reported, one former presidential candidate suggested the Super Bowl might be rigged for the benefit of Swift and her “artificially propped-up” relationship with Kelce. And that, in turn, is designed to benefit President Joe Biden.

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That said, the Pentagon felt it necessary to say no, Taylor Swift is not a psyop to benefit the President.

“The absurdity of it all boggles the mind,” one senior administration official told the outlet. “It feels like one of those ‘tell me you are a MAGA conspiracy theorist, without telling me you are a MAGA conspiracy theorist’ memes.”

Pentagon spokesperson Sabrina Singh definitively stated that Taylor Swift is not working for the DOD.

“We know all too well the dangers of conspiracy theories, so to set the record straight — Taylor Swift is not part of a DOD psychological operation. Period,” she said.

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The #GirlfriendEffect And The Super Bowl

Another official suggested any involvement of the Pentagon with Taylor Swift is “laughable.”

What’s laughable is that they’re even spending time commenting on it with all of the issues going on in the world. Reminder to the DOD – Three soldiers were just killed in Jordan. Maybe focus on that, eh?

On top of that, the fact that officials feel compelled to talk about conspiracy theories usually means they’re true (see COVID, media narrative).

So the Pentagon/Swift relationship is up in the air. But what about Swift’s actual effect on Kelce and the Chiefs? Or the so-called #GirlfriendEffect. Can she help the Chiefs win next Sunday?

Betway broke down the statistics this year, and much to the dismay of those who dislike Swift, the Chiefs and Kelce have played better when she’s been in attendance at their games.

According to the sports betting website, the Chiefs “have a winning percentage of 66.7% when Swift is not at the games but with her there, they have an even stronger winning percentage of 75%.”

Kelce’s performance improves when she’s there watching as well.

“Without Swift in attendance, Kelce averaged just 50 receiving yards per game,” Betway reports. “Whereas with the superstar Swift watching, he averaged 79 receiving yards which was an increase of 58%.”

While the Pentagon and Taylor Swift might not be a good team, it appears Kelce and the pop star are.

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