Charles Barkley doesn't hold back on his thoughts about the NBA All-Star game being held in San Francisco. Find out what he said and why.
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NBA legend and TNT analyst Charles Barkley didn’t pull any punches regarding his feelings about the NBA All-Star game being held in San Francisco next year.

Barkley took a jab at the Golden Gate City during some banter back and forth with Warriors forward Draymond Green and ex-Indiana Pacers star Reggie Miller.

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Charles Barkley Trashes San Francisco

Green joked about this year’s All-Star game, which the trio was calling, being held in Indiana.

“Hey Reggie we love you, let’s not have another All-Star [game] in Indiana. Let’s let this be the last one, my friend,” Green joked.

Barkley fired back suggesting the decision between a city with cold weather and a city with rampant crime is pretty easy.

“Hey Reggie,” Barkley said. “If you had a chance of being in the cold, or being around a bunch of homeless crooks in San Francisco, which would you take?”

“You can’t even walk around down there,” he added.

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Draymond Green tried to valiantly defend the city that his Golden State squad plays in.

“Yes you can walk around,” he fired back.

Barkley though, was ready responding, “Yeah, with a bulletproof vest.”

That, and a decent pair of s***-kickers.

Charles Barkley, the Hall of Famer and former Dream Teamer has taken shots at San Francisco in the past. During a rain delay during Game 4 of the 2022 Western Conference Finals between the Warriors and Mavericks (the roof was leaking at American Airlines Center), Barkley suggested it was San Francisco that could use the hose down.

“The bad thing about all this rain, it’s not raining in San Francisco to clean up those dirty-ass streets they got there,” Barkley said at the time. “San Francisco, it’s a great city, but all that dirtiness and homelessness, y’all gotta clean that off the streets.”

San Francisco clearly has a bad reputation for its drug, crime, and homeless epidemics.

Late last year, San Francisco Giants co-owner Buster Posey stated that his team may have lost out on the Shohei Ohtani sweepstakes to the Los Angeles Dodgers because of the blight.

“There’s been a bit of uneasiness with the city itself as far as the state of the city with crime and drugs,” Posey told the Atlantic.

At the 2024 All-Star game in Indiana, Charles Barkley, Draymond Green, and Reggie Miller got to witness basketball devoid completely of any form of defense.

The East defeated the West 211-186 in the highest-scoring All-Star game of all time.

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